King’s Bounty 2: Swan Song Quest Walkthrough | Secret Treasure Puzzle

Collect all the chapters of the Swan Song!

With an interesting combination between rpg and strategy, King’s Bounty offers players a fun experience overall, that will challenge them all the way. If you talked to Tweet next to the castle, you might have stumbled into the Swan Song questline. Since it sends you to 4 different places on the map, you might get confused and think that you don’t know what you’re supposed to do. Well, that’s why we’re here! To show you the right way to solve all the quests in King’s Bounty!

Swan Song Quest Walkthrough Secret Treasure Puzzle – King’s Bounty 2

There are 5 spots you’ll need to visit for this quest and you’ll have to visit all of them. The description will say that you have to find Flavius the Wisecracker, but you actually need a 3 chapter song.

The first two points to the South are pretty easy to reach. Just follow the waypoints and you’ll reach them quite easily.

One of them will have the first chapter to the Swan Song.

The second chapter can be found at the waypoint to the east of the town. This one will also have a puzzle you’ll need to solve before getting the chapter.

To solve this, set on fire the chalice to the East first, then to the West, North then South. Once this is done, you’ll find a chest on top of the piedestal that’s in the middle of the room.

Now, to reach the final 2 waypoints left, you’ll have to pass by a bandit outpost that will be quite hard to defeat. In order to bypass them, you could use the help of the merchants that are on the road there.

If you talk to them, they’ll want your help in defeating those brigands, and if you accept the help of the woman, she’ll give you some eagle troops for the fight.

After that, you’ll find a scared man at the last waypoint at a graveyard that has the final chapter of the song.

You’ll have to defeat a squad of death eaters and then you can loot the body of Flavius. Then you need to bring back the song to Tweet and the quest will be done!

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