King’s Bounty 2: How To Solve Palatinus’s Riddle

Get rid of his flimsy protection!

The father of Dungeon & Dragons has finally gotten another instalment in the video gaming world, and it’s giving players a good ol’ taste of the old school mechanics that most of us have forgotten by now. Fortunately, the game is not that complicated, but it does have some moments that are just either a waste of time, or really irrelevant. So is the riddle which you have to solve when Palatinus seals himself in a bubble to do his work. Here is how you beat this little problem with total ease!

How To Solve Palatinus’s Riddle – King’s Bounty 2

There are a total of 4 symbols/runes in front of you in the room where he has sealed himself. These runes can be found around the castle.

All you need to do to beat this puzzle is select the runes that you see in that room, in their second location, in the right order. It isn’t as complicated as I made it sound.

For the first rune, get out of the room, go to the right in the ruins and then go to the left. The rune looks like this:

The second one is in the courtyard to the left as you go back. It will be on the wall to the left and will look like an “I”.

The next 2 ones can be found at the staircase to the right, as you look at the courtyard.

If you’re not too sure after this explanation, here is a picture with the runes and the order.

Just find each one of them where we said earlier and select them in the order shown above.

Once that is done, go back to him and he will finally talk to you about your quest.

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