King’s Bounty 2: How To Complete Scryer’s Trial Morane

Lead your undead army to victory!

With the very hard trials in King’s Bounty, you might need a bit of guidance if you don’t want to end up in an endless circle of loss, rinse and repeat. The Morane Scryer Trial is the hardest one by far since the battle can be instantly decided by pure luck. Even if you use our tips and tricks, if you copy and paste what we’ve done, you might still lose this battle. With a bit of perseverance and with a few tricks, I’m sure you can win this! So, just follow our lead and you might win this!

How To Complete Scryer’s Trial Morane – King’s Bounty 2

For this battle you’ll be equipped with a unit of Ghosts and 3 of Ghouls. Even if it seems like the Ghouls are there just to distract the enemy, they will be quite useful for our tactics.

As I said though, remember that this battle is listed as Very Hard, and, even if you follow our advice word for word, you might still lose. Blame the RNG.

The enemy has 2 hounds, 1 zombie squad, 1 squad of giants and a squad of archers. The archers and the zombies will be your biggest problem.

The dogs will just run at you, so you can beat them quite easily with your ghosts, without receiving too much damage (if they don’t get critical hits in).

The zombies and giants will start advancing on you. The zombies are really dangerous because, if they have a lot of troops in the unit, they deal huge damage.

To fix this problem, get your troops away from them, after dealing with the hounds, and use Madness on it when it’s in range of the giants. The zombies will lose most of their troops and the giants will get a lot of damage.

Quickly finish off the zombies with whatever troop you want. Preferably ghosts.

Try to keep the Ghosts far away from the archers until you feel like you want to attack them. When you do, Teleport right next to them to quickly finish them off.

When the ghosts attack the archers, the ghouls should gang up on the giants and the remaining zombies, if there are any left.

If you do this, even if it’s really close, you should win the fight. If not, try again because you never know when you might get a crit that can end the battle almost instantly.

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