Lost Ark: A Knight in Shining Armor | Hidden Story Guide

Who is this Knight in Shining Armor?

The Knight in Shining Armor is one of the hidden stories that you can unlock to learn more about the characters in Lost Ark. Unlike other hidden stories, you have to complete the quest within 18 minutes to unlock the whole hidden story. Below is a guide on how to complete the Knight in Shining Armor Story. 

A Knight in Shining Armor 1

To begin the Hidden Story quest, you need to find the first letter in the Loghill area. You can find it near the Traveler’s Nook, next to the Potion seller. Investigate the coil of rope on the ground to start the Hidden Story quest. 

A Knight in Shining Armor 2

After investigating the letter, immediately go north to the Ankumo Mountain. Once you are in the mountain, investigate the area next to the soldier who is in pain. You can find the 2nd letter next to the tree near the injured soldier. 

A Knight in Shining Armor 3

Move to the Border Watch and move north to the Rethramis Border. Go to the Makeshift Infirmary in the area and you will see 3 Plague patients on the ground. You can find the 3rd letter next to the wooden cart, beside the huge stone. Finding all 3 letters in time will complete the Hidden Story quest. 

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