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Lost Ark: All Cooking Dish Locations in Yudia | Cooking Guide

Have a taste of the local specialties!

Aside from the powerful enemies, the Yudia continent also has its fair share of delicious cuisines. These cuisines requires different ingredients that you can find all over the map. Below is a guide on how you can unlock all the cooking dishes in Yudia. 

Saland Hill Cuisines

  • Salt-grilled Saltbug – You can collect this specialty in the Aregal Salt Plains near the stones. Consume it to unlock the cuisine. 
  • Natural Mungka Jerky – You can find this jerky near the wooden bridge in the bushes next to the Temporary Encampment in Saland Hill. Consume it to unlock the cuisine in your cooking book. 

Craftable Cuisines

  • Worm Filtered Coffee -You will need to collect the Salt Worm Poop in the Salt Worm habitat, northeast of the Nomad’s camp. Give the ingredients to Hella to unlock the cuisine. 
  • Age-Old Cavatian Wine– You can find the Hidden Cavatian Liquor in the eastern part of the Sapira Cave. Go back to Hella to craft the cuisine. 
  • Salted Food Box – You need to collect the Old Encavian Food Chest located near the Nevatia Ruins in Ozhorn Hill. Return to Hella after collecting the ingredient to craft the cuisine. 

Quest Cuisines

  • Rainmaking Ritual Leftovers– You will need the Ritual Food Ingredient to unlock this dish. You can get the Ritual Ingredient by getting maximum reputation with the NPC called Thunder. 
  • Salt Cracker – You can get this cuisine by using Salt Crystals. You may need to use multiple salt crystals until you get the item and unlock the cuisine. 

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