Lost Ark: Sunflowers for My Love | Hidden Story Guide

Who is this romantic hero?

Girls from Prideholme happily chat about romance and a handsome man they met the other day.  This man is a hero from the Prideholme farm, and going there can give you more clues on who is this romantic hero and what is his story.

Sunflowers for my Love

Go south of Prideholme and before you reach the fork, you will see a house with overgrown weeds and a bird box. Go to the front door and you will see the Investigate icon. Investigate the door and you will unlock the 1st Sunflowers for my Love hidden story. 

Loghill Wildflower Garden

From here, go north and east to leave the town square. When you are in the Loghill area, you have to find the Wildflower Garden. You can find this northwest of the town, indicated in the map above. Once you are there, investigate the group of sunflowers on the ground to unlock the second Hidden Story. 

Prideholme Garden

After investigating the flowers, you have to go back to Prideholme where you first found the Hidden Story. This time, investigate the group of sunflowers next to the birdbox to unlock the third Hidden Story and completely unlock the “Sunflowers for My Love” story. This Hidden Story will give you 2 Charisma. 

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