Lost Ark: The Hidden Past of Varut| Hidden Story Guide

Who exactly is the priest of Prideholme?

Aside from playing with hundreds of other players, Lost Ark is also rich in story-driven quests. There are multiple NPCs in the game, each one of them having a different purpose than the other. However, Hidden Stories and Items in the game can give you more insight into the characters that you meet in the game, including the priest, Varut. 

Who is Varut?

Varut is currently the priest in the Prideholme cathedral. Little is known about Varut and how he became a priest. However, investigating around the cathedral can give you more clues as to why he chose to become the priest of the town. 

Hidden Past of Varut

In the Prideholme Cathedral, go straight down the aisle until you reach the Stone Plaque in the center. There are multiple wooden dividers here. Go behind the middle divider and walk around until you see an Investigate option pop up. 

Investigate the area and you will unlock the Hidden story of Varut and how he became the priest. You can view the story and Varut’s response in your Hidden Story Menu. Unlocking this Hidden Story will increase your Charisma by 1.

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