Manor Lords: How To Stop Bandits From Stealing

These bandits with sticky fingers are a menace!

The medieval themed world-crafting game called Manor Lords is back! Engage in large-scale tactical battles, and complex social and economic simulations to test your world building skills and how well your settlement can prosper. Building a settlement can be difficult when bandits are always stealing your valuable resources. So, in this guide, I’ll show you how to stop them from stealing in Manor Lords. 

How To Stop Bandits From Stealing

There are two ways you can stop bandits from stealing and these ways include getting rid of the bandits entirely:

  1. Defeat Bandit Camps With Your Army.
  2. Reduce the Number of Bandits During Game Setup.

I’ll show you how to approach each of these methods, so keep reading.

Defeating Bandit Camps

Bandits will only stop stealing your resources once they are eliminated. To do that, you need to defeat the bandit camps. Every once in a while, you’ll get a notification that bandits are living in a certain area. 

You can identify newly built bandit camps with a tent icon on the map. So go to the map and zoom out to look for the tent icon. 

Once you identify the bandit camp, go back to your base and to your army section at the bottom task bar

Army section in Manor Lords

The click plus and you can go ahead and form a militia to take out the bandit.

Forming a militia in Manor Lords

This method however will take the workers away from your base and you’ll lose production money. 

A better alternative is to hire a mercenary to take out the bandit camp. Even the cheapest one will effectively get the job done.

Mercenaries in Manor Lords

To do that, click on the hand that’s dropping coins icon that’s next to the option to form a militia. Then choose the cheapest mercenary you can hire. 

Hiring mercenaries in Manor Lords

After that, zoom out from the map and look for your mercenaries. They should appear anywhere on the map. Once you find them, highlight them and then right click on the bandit camp. They’ll automatically go in there and take out the bandits within a couple of seconds. 

Once you defeat the bandit, you’ll be rewarded with money that can either go to the regional wealth of the nearest town or your treasury. You get to decide. 

Will I get My Stolen Resources Back?

Unfortunately, all your stolen resources stay gone and you cannot retrieve it even after defeating the bandit camp that took it in the first place. Which is why the smartest approach is to always deal with bandits immediately after they show up. 

Reduce Bandits During Game setup

Additionally, another way to avoid getting your goods stolen is to remove bandits from the game altogether. You can lessen the number of bandits that spawn by lowering the number of initial bandit camps as well as the random bandit camp spawn limit. This can be achieved during Game Setup. 

You can lower both these settings down to None and 0 respectively, where bandits will never spawn.

Map with no bandits in Manor Lords

And that’s how you get rid of the nuisance that is bandits and stop them from stealing your valuable resources! If you love crafting, you’ll also love Sand Land. So, check out this guide on How To Repair & Fix Vehicle Location in Sand Land!


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