Monster Hunter Sunbreak: AI Companions Might Be A New Meta

Are your furry friends better than party members?

Monster Hunter Rise added a new companion called the Palamute alongside the Palico. However, with the Sunbreak DLC, you now have the option to have NPC companions accompany you on a quest. Here, we will talk

AI Companions might be a New Meta – Monster Hunter Sunbreak

Not all players want to play co-op missions in Monster Hunter Rise. Thankfully, Monster Hunter Sunbreak DLC offers a new way to play missions with AI Companions. AI Companions are NPCs that accompany you on a quest. 

Source: Arekkz Gaming from Youtube

You may be wondering if the AI of the NPCs is any good. According to early testers, the AI of the followers is decent, making them viable for multiple quests. You may choose up to 2 followers or NPCs to accompany. 

Each follower will have multiple choices of weapons that they can use to assist you. However, they will also have one weapon that they specialize in. You can use different NPCs to cover for you or synergize with your weapon of choice. 

As of the moment, we do not know how the AI Companions fair with late-game quests. 

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