Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Will Lagiacrus Be In The Game?

Will the long-awaited Lagiacrus be in Sunbreak?

Monster Hunter Rise announced a new DLC called Sunbreak, making players excited for the new content. Some of the new content in the DLC are AI Companions. However, will the long-awaited Lagiacrus finally be in the game?

Will Lagiacrus be in the game? – Monster Hunter Sunbreak

Lagiacrus is one of the iconic monsters in the Monster Hunter series. Lagiacrus is a Leviathan that was added in Monster Hunter 3. This monster is famous for its color-changing spikes when going in and out of the water. 

Lagiacrus is weak to fire. It can give you Thunderblight and Waterblight when it is in the water. Many players are wondering if the color-changing Leviathan will finally be in Monster Hunter Sunbreak. 

Unfortunately, according to an interview by IGN, there will be no Lagiacrus in Monster Hunter Sunbreak. The reason for this is that Lagiacrus is incredibly difficult to implement due to its technical requirements. This may be due to its snake-like body, making its moves close to the ground at all times. 

However, according to Tsujimoto, they are planning on going back to implementing Lagiacrus in the future. As of the moment though, it will not be included in Monster Hunter Sunbreak. 

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