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Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Rampage Decorations

Will there be more room for modifying them?!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a follow-up to Monster Hunter Rise. Featuring updated gameplay and nimble-feeling fighting techniques, new creatures, and hunting locations, and a new difficulty level in the shape of Master Rank tasks. It will also undergo a lot of big changes in the Rampage weapon system. Let’s talk about the Rampage Decorations and what we know so far.

Rampage Decorations – Monster Hunter Sunbreak

If you do not know what will be changed about the Rampage weapons and everything connected with them, make sure to read about our other article that is talking directly about this subject. You can see it here – You Won’t Need Master Rank Rampage Weapons In Monster Hunter Sunbreak & Here’s Why

The new big change about how you can modify and decorate your Rampage weapons is that it appears there will be a new slot on weapons which will be for a Rampage Decoration.

Source: ArekkzGaming from YouTube

It hasn’t been tested so it might not be safe to say that it will come true. But from what we’ve seen from Japanese testing and pictures and previews is that weapons do have additional slots.

This how what they meant that the Rampage weapons will still have value and maybe this is their plan(the developers) on how to upgrade them and of course, you can apply this to other weapons as well. Upgrade them maybe with:

  • Modifiers (?)
  • Skill bonuses (?)

Once it gets tested and taken for certain we will make an upgraded guide about it. Be sure to keep an eye open for it.

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