Nightingale: Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips & Tricks

Don’t be a noob.

Nightingale is the newest PVE, survival multiplayer game to hit the gaming scene. While we have other games that feature different themes like Ark and The Forest, Nightingale features a theme that centers around the Fae Stories that we used to hear when we grew up as children, making this a much more unique take on the survival multiplayer genre.

But of course, we still need to learn how to play the game. While it is part of a genre, it doesn’t mean that everything is the same. In this beginner’s guide, I will show you tips and tricks to remember when starting Nightingale.

Complete Beginner’s Guide & Tips & Tricks

Before we start, bear in mind that this game can be played solo or with other friends. If you are planning on playing with friends or by yourself, then don’t worry because this guide will help you if you are with other people or by yourself.

You also don’t need to worry much about microtransactions turning the game pay to win!

Pick Up Everything

When you first start the game, you will undoubtedly start with almost nothing to your name. No weapons, no food, no other items to help with survival. So, what do you do when you start with nothing? You pick up everything in sight. Meat, plants, berries, sticks, anything and everything needs to be picked up if you want to survive.

However, I do recommend starting with food first, as there is a food meter in the game. Meaning that you can die in other ways than getting killed by the enemy mobs. The food also increases certain stats. Meat for your HP and plants for your Stamina. You should always have at least meat and plants at the ready, which is why picking everything up is important. Plus, you need resources too.

Picking up everything in sight in Nightingale.

Utilize Your Companions

If you are playing by yourself, whether it’s because you are offline or you want to play solo, you won’t feel alone as you can have companions with you by your side. Similar to games like Fallout or Elder Scrolls, you can find companions while exploring the world and recruiting them to join you.

While your companions are with you, you can use them to carry stuff you don’t need in your inventory, while also giving them better gear, so they can help you fight in battles.

Companions can be randomly found in the world, and they are always randomized. You should always keep an eye out for any sort of dynamic events that happens in the world, because chances are that they are potential companions that can be recruited.

Adjusting the inventory of your companions in Nightingale.

Take Over Makeshift Bases

One of the reasons why people like to play survival games is being able to build your own home in the game. But if you’re not the type to spend hours building and would rather go out and explore and find resources, then you don’t need to do that. There are plenty of homes in the world of Nightingale that you can just take over.

Whether it’s from a dynamic event or by simply finding one, any structure that has a roof above it can become your home by simply putting a bed in it and calling it a day.

Taking over a base in Nightingale.


Like with any other survival game, you need to go out and explore if you want to discover things. Whether it’s blueprints, new recruitable companions, Realm Cards, better gear etc. After all, you didn’t buy a multiplayer survival game just to stay in one place and act like an NPC, did you?

Exploring the realms in Nightingale.

Use Travel to Respite, Portals, Realmic Transmuters, & Faerie Rings

Hours into the game, you’ll unlock more quality of life blueprints that lets you travel back to your base or to any area you place the transportation structure on.

Here are the different ways to travel around the game:

  • Travel to Respite – You get this item the moment you step into the game. It allows you to travel back to your base without having to go the extra long way.
  • Portal – Allows you to travel between different realms.
  • Realmic Transmuter – This device allows you to use Minors Cards in your base. You won’t need to go to the designated Realmic Transmuter area if you have one of these.
  • Faerie Ring – When you die, you will respawn to the nearest respawn point in your realm. But if you have a Faerie Ring, you can place it in your base so when you die, you will respawn there instead
Crafting a Crude Portal in Nightingale.

Minor Cards

When traveling to other realms, you will have an option to play Minor Cards. Now, what do Minor Cards do? They are essentially gameplay modifiers that affect the realm you are in right now and they will stay active until you leave that realm for another. Each Minor Card will have different uses, as some can be used for farming materials and some can be used for help against bosses.

This is why the Realm Transmuter is very helpful while in another realm, as you can freely change the Minor Cards should you need to.

Different Minor Cards to use in Nightingale.

Crafting System

Lastly, let’s talk about the Crafting System, which is admittedly very interesting and intricate. When you go to craft something, you will of course need to find the materials needed to craft the item you want. But in different realms you go to, you can find different variations of the standard resources you get. This allows you to craft a variety of different items when you reach the higher tiers.

The Crafting System for Nightingale.

That’s all you need to know in this beginners guide for Nightingale. You are now ready to walk the realms. Did this guide help you understand the game and how to play it? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to learn more about the game, you can definitely do that by checking out the FAQ for Nightingale that features everything you need to know about the game!


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  1. I just started the game, gone thru to meet Puck in the forest realm; now, I have gathered everything I could; made a campfire, cooked some berries. How do I make a knife, or stone axe, or ANYthing?
    There is nothing showing up in my CRAFT menu, so I don’t know what’s required to make stuff??

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