Nightingale: How to Get Gems

Staple for card crafting!

Nightingale: How to Get Gems

Gems are very basic material in Nightingale, necessary for craft the Major Realm cards. Once you start unlocking the Site of Powers like Antiquarium and Astrolabe, you can craft these cards to create your own mix of biome and Major Realm. But before that, time to learn for all the sources of Gems.

How to Get Gems

Gems are mined from Ore or Gem Deposits that you can find around the map, typically around caves. You can mine them with the most basic Makeshift Pickaxe which is a recipe available from early tutorial. The Simple Smelter is mainly where you’ll see a lot of use of gems.

You can crack down shiny rocks as shown below and pick up the Raw Gems. There are different types of gems like Rubies, Sapphires, Quartz, and more. After cracking them, find fallen pieces of Raw Gems to pick up.

Ore Deposit with Quartz Raw Gems.

Alternatively, gems also drop from chests and you can find them typically around Points of Interests.

As a last resort, Essence Trader also provides gems in exchange of Essences. If you’re in quick need of some and don’t want to spend another 15 minutes looking for a deposit, they’re your next best choice.

You use gems to strengthen your equipment, but otherwise, you can melt them into Glass. Glass is used in building and crafting, like making cards on the Simple Enchanter’s Focus. To be accurate, you need glass to make Alchemical Ink, which is necessary to make cards. The various use of gems means that you cannot just nilly-willy smelt them and you need to always have stock.

And that’s how you can find and get gems in Nightingale.


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