Nightingale: How To Get Ore

Craft even more by getting some ore!

Nightingale: How To Get Ore

With the recent release of Nightingale, players will find themselves lost in the magical world of the Fae Realms and struggling for survival. A big part of the game, besides exploring, fighting, and just enjoying the beautiful scenery, is crafting. By purchasing schematics and building to your heart’s content, you’ll be able to enjoy everything Nightingale has to offer.

One of the most important resources you will need to find is Ore. Either in its raw form or as ingots, it is useful for crafting many different items. So, how do you get it?

How To Get Ore

The first step before you can start mining is to get your hands on a Simple Mining Pick. Sounds obvious once you read it, right? To do this, you have to craft it using a Simple Workbench. The requirements for the Simple Mining Pick are:

This means that, before you can start thinking about mining ore, you’ll need to get Straps by using the Simple Tanning Station. Here are the materials required:

  • 6 Sticks – One of the easiest resources to gather in the game, since you’ll find Sticks pretty much everywhere you go. Pick them up and gather what you need!
  • 10 Plant Fibres – Interacting with the tall grass you see around and picking them up will get you Plant Fibres.

Once you’ve got your Simple Mining Pick in hand, it’s time to find some ore!

Mineral deposits can contain either Gems or ore – but right now, we’re more interested in the latter! While gem deposits look, well, like gems, the ore deposits tend to be darker or more metal-like, depending on the ore inside. You will usually find either type on cliffsides and coastlines, so get searching! You can also find ore and gems as loot in chests and from enemies.

As a tip, if you encounter a higher-level ore deposit and don’t yet have the upgrades necessary to mine it, don’t worry! The map has a specific ore stamp, meaning you can leave a reminder of where to find the ore and come back later. Handy!

Nightingale ore map stamp
Map Stamps are an easy way to keep track of important features.

Once you’ve found your ore deposit and you’re holding your Simple Mining Pick, just keep hitting the rock until you’ve broken it apart, then pick up what dropped out. Voila, you’ve got ore!

If you need ingots, you’ll first need a Simple Smelter which can refine that ore down. Or, if you’ve finished crafting and want to unlock the Antiquarian Site of Power, here’s How To Get Gear Score 20!


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