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Live your Sleeping Beauty fantasies with the Simple Spinning Wheel!

Nightingale Essence Trader

If you’ve been watching the development of Nightingale through the years, no doubt you’re as excited as we are for its release. As of February 20, the fantastical crafting-survival game is available on Early Access.

Among its many craftable recipes, the one you will quickly encounter is the Simple Spinning Wheel. This is vital for creating Twine – a must-have for keeping things lit! But, how do you unlock it?

How To Unlock Simple Spinning Wheel

Short answer is you’ll have to buy the schematic from an Essence Trader. Then, collect the required materials. I’ll be explaining these more in detail below.

After finishing the main tutorial, you will find yourself in your Abeyance Realm – a mostly safe haven ideal for building your Estate Cairn. Amidst the dangers of the Faewilds, this will be your home away from home, allowing you much-needed respite before venturing out again.

One of the most important NPCs in Nightingale is the Essence Trader. Here, you can buy schematics with, you guessed it, essence! Essence Dust can be extracted from items in your inventory and is an easy way of freeing up space for much more important things.

Nightingale Essence Trader Simple Spinning Wheel Schematic
Let’s get twining!

Once you speak to your Essence Trader, scroll down to Crafting: Refinement, and beneath it you’ll find Simple Spinning Wheel. Purchasing this schematic costs 55 Essence, and once you’ve got it, all you need to do is craft it! For this, you’ll need:

Let’s not ask what the bone is used for, shall we? Enjoy crafting your Simple Spinning Wheel, making plenty of Twine, and exploring more of the Realms! If you’re interested in doing some more crafting, here’s How to Get Alchemical Ink!


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