Nightingale: How To Unlock the Provisioner Site of Power

The first step to setting foot in Provisioner Realms!

Nightingale Provisioner Site of Power Map

Of everything Nightingale has to offer players, one of the most interesting aspects is its Realm Cards. Not simply a survival game, these craftable cards allow your intrepid Realmwalkers to use portals to game-unique Realms. Gaining the ability to create these important items is no simple thing, however. Each one requires you to traverse a Site of Power, and the Provisioner Card is no different. So, in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to unlock the Provisioner Site of Power!

How To Unlock the Provisioner Site of Power

By now, you should have at least gotten through the Antiquarian Site of Power and unlocked its Realm Card. Unlocking the remaining Sites of Power is much the same, only with higher requirements each time.

Your first step is to increase your Gear Score. For the Provisioner Site of Power, your Gear Score must be at least 40, otherwise you won’t get in!

Nightingale Provisioner Site of Power Quest
Is there a word for a person who collects Realms?

Assuming you have already conquered the Antiquarian Site of Power (which would probably be a good idea), you’ll know how to upgrade your gear. If not, getting your hands on T1 Essence Dust is imperative to increase your Gear Score – here’s our Complete Essence Guide if you’re stuck.

With your Gear Score high enough, all you need to do now is find the Provisioner Site of Power. Your map is key here – everyone’s Abeyance Realms are different, after all! Head over to the Site of Power, and pass through the gate. If you can’t pass through, your Gear Score isn’t high enough!

Good luck fighting through the Site of Power and enjoy exploring the Provisioner Realms! If you’re interested in more of our Nightingale guides, here’s how to apply Infusion to an Uncommon Item!


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