No Man’s Sky Omega: How To Get S-Class Pirate Freighter & Free Upgrade Guide

Keep repeating the steps until you get lucky enough for the S-Class!

No Man's Sky Omega: How To Get S-Class Pirate Freighter & Free Upgrade Guide

In No Man’s Sky, you will be exploring many different areas and planets in different galaxies. This is why having a Freighter is very important. A Freighter is a massive starship that lets you travel freely between areas and also acts as a huge inventory where you can save your stuff added in the Omega Update.

As you upgrade it, you will be able to unlock special perks that let you move further distances. Apart from upgrading, rarity also benefits you greatly with the rarest version of the Freighters being the S Class. In this guide, we will show you how to get an S-Class Pirate Freighter in No Man’s Sky Omega.

How To Get S-Class Pirate Freighter & Free Upgrade Guide

Each type of freighter in the game has a different rating: C, B, A, or S. Higher-class freighters may have higher slot counts and better hyperdrive and fleet coordination modifiers.

The reason why it is called an S-Class Pirate Freighter is because you will be finding the Freighter in the Pirate System. This place has a higher chance of spawning the S-Class Freighters. The Pirate Dreadnought is a new Freighter that players can find in the Omega Update.

Keep in mind that the S-Class Pirate Freighter is very rare due to it being the S Rarity. This means that it may take you a while to attempt to spawn it multiple times.

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Getting The Pirate Freighter To Spawn

First, make sure that you have claimed the free Freighter that the game gave you. The first Freighter that you rescue from pirates is offered for free. If you haven’t claimed it, subsequent ones will still be free until you claim one.

If you’ve already had a Freighter, make sure you remove all of the items on it before you start. Make sure you do this so you do not lose the item.

The best place to get an S-Class Pirate Freighter is in the Pirate System. The other systems have a 1% to 3% chance of spawning, while the Pirate System has a 5% drop rate for S-Classes.

No Man's Sky Omega Pirate System

To make sure that you do not accidentally spawn the Pirate Freighter, it is best that you go into Creative Mode and teleport all the way to the Pirate System. After you’ve arrived at the station, switch back and go to Normal Mode.

After you’ve done all that, remember to get out of your ship and do the Autosave. Then, go to the Galactic map and enter another Pirate System. Make sure that you choose the one with the race that you want. For example, if you need a Korvax Race, you’ll want to find the right system that has it.

If you do not manage to get the S-Class Pirate Freighter yet, jump to another planet with the same race. Then, once you have two planets, you can just jump back and forth until it works. Keep in mind that you’ll want to do this every 3 hours since there is a cooldown timer.

No Man's Sky Omega Settings Difficulty

Beating The Pirate Freighter

Once you’ve found the Freighter Dreadnought, you’ll want to attack the engines first. These Engines are located next to one another and there are around 4 engines that you’ll want to break. After you’ve destroyed them, you’ll want to attack the turrets.

No Man's Sky Omega Destroy Engines

Next, you’ll want to search for the Anti-Freighter Cannons and destroy them. Keep in mind that these laser turrets can deal damage to your ship, so be careful as you destroy them.

Usually, there will be around two to three turrets on the ship. After you’ve destroyed all of those, fly to the top and you will find the last turret to destroy.

No Man's Sky Omega Destroy Cannons

After that, you’ll be able to enter the Freighter and take control of it. In the inspection menu to the left of your screen, you will be able to see the Race as well as the Class of the Freighter.

In the image down below, you will be able to see that the Freighter is of the C Class. However, you’ll want to find an S-Class Pirate Freighter, so you’ll want to reset and try again.

No Man's Sky Omega View Class

To do this, simply go to your menu and see the Save Data section. Then, search for Reload Restore Point. This will reset your progress and let you try again.

Keep repeating the steps until you eventually get an S-Class Ship. You can also go with an A-Class Freighter if you also want to have it.

No Man's Sky Omega Reload Restore Point

Once you have found the Freighter that you want, you can seize the Freighter and obtain it. When you do this, you can also choose to transfer the items from your old Freighter to your new one.

No Man's Sky Omega Transfer Items

Upgrading Your Freighter

If you want to upgrade your Freighter for free, you can go to Settings and change to Creative Mode in the Difficulty settings. This will give you all the materials to upgrade your ship without having to grind for a long amount of time.

No Man's Sky Omega Freighter Upgrades

That’s how you can get an S-Class Freighter in No Man’s Sky Omega Update. It may take you a long while to eventually be able to find an S-Class Freighter. While you wait for one, you can always go with an A-Class Freighter, which is also a great temporary alternative.

In the new Omega Update, there have also been changes to the Expedition system. If you don’t know what the changes are, consider taking a look at the 10 things you need to know about No Man’s Sky Omega Expedition! Understanding the new system can help you gather loot more easily in the future.


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