No Man’s Sky Omega: How To Use The New Expedition Terminal & What Not To Do

A guide for the new Expedition Terminal.

No Man's Sky Omega: How To Use The New Expedition Terminal & What Not To Do

Expedition Omega has been added to No Man’s Sky and we’re going to share useful tips and information with the Terminal to help you with the adventure. There might be some confusions, especially since the game doesn’t explain every single step in detail. So, here are some tips and perhaps answers to your questions regarding the expedition.

How To Use The New Expedition Terminal & What Not To Do

Expedition 12: Omega is the latest update in the game, adding a whole new questline to explore alone or with friends.

  • You can use your original save to start a new Expedition by heading to the Anomaly and head to the kiosk to sign up for it. You can find any item you want to bring for the Expedition on the same terminal you start it on.
  • And on the terminal, you can plan what to bring with the cargo. Make sure to remove Technologies from your Technology slots so you can add them to your Expedition cargo.

SIDE NOTE: We have a complete guide which covers everything you’ll need to know about the Omega Update of NMS! Make sure to check it out for more valuable info.

No Man's Sky Omega Expedition Terminal.
  • You cannot change Expedition cargo once you’ve started it. So, make sure that you’re sure those are everything you want to bring with you.
  • You can only access your items during the Expedition after the first jump. Head back to the anomaly and then find your items at the same kiosk you started your expedition. You can also bring your favorite multitool and ship from here by copying them under the Equipment Synthesis.
How to manage cargo from new Expedition Terminal in No Man's Sky.
  • In any situation where you pop into the expedition with unwanted save data, head to Options and choose “Return to Primary Save” under Save Data category.
  • Expedition provides its own multitool and spaceship which you can copy if you feel like cancelling the expedition. This is only if you never copied your own multitool and ship.

Now you know how to use the new Expedition Terminal in No Man’s Sky. Read this guide next to pocket the new S-Class Pirate Freighter in the game!


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