Northgard: How To Boar Guide

The humble boar enters the fray!

Northgard How To Boar Guide

There are a lot of interesting clans in the game, and there are even more with the DLC clans. At a glance you might see that the DLC clans can be a little bit more interesting than the base clans. I thought so too, because who would choose a goat rather than the dragon or Kraken? Well, for new players, playing the DLC clans can be quite daunting, especially when you don’t know what things change from the base clans. For experienced players though, they know that some of the base clans can be well-rounded and flexible, and nothing beats adaptability than the Boar Clan.

How To Boar Guide Northgard

The Clan of the Boar is an interesting clan, when you pick them and see their stats, you’ll notice that it has a one star in difficulty to learn. It’s because the Clan of the Boar has a very easy to reach skill floor, but it also has a high skill ceiling.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Boar Clan can colonize a tile even when there’s hostile wildlife in there. That’s one of their clan bonuses, for an extra fee they can colonize a tile with wild animals without clearing it. And once colonized, these wild animals will defend your territory!

Each additional territory you take also adds to the maximum population, so it’s a great way to get pops without building houses. Speaking of houses, villagers of the Boar Clan are content with their bad housing. They don’t get penalties for non-upgraded houses or town halls. So, you can save a lot of resources from that.

Speaking of resources, it’s good to rush lore income early, it’s because the Boar has a unique lore called “Simple Living” which reduces building wood cost by half and even lowers building upkeep. This means the clan uses much less wood than other clans, and can focus on other production like food and gold.

A great way to get lore is through the Boar Clan’s unique building, the Mender’s Hut. This replaces the Healer’s hut but menders not only heal units but instead of gathering food while idle, they gather lore. Useful when you want to rush those lore bonuses.

So, as you can tell, the Clan of the Boar is very Economy heavy, and from my time playing other RTS games I know that Economy is king. Even if you get countered you can easily bounce back up with the Boar’s great economy, and not only that but because you have so much resources you don’t have to worry about wasting resources changing your tactics!

Now you know the basics of the Clan of the Boar, now go out there and try the clan yourself!

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