Northgard: How To Bear Guide

A guide on how to be a functional member of the Bear Clan.

Northgard How To Bear Guide

Northgard is a strategy game based on Norse mythology. That’s right, you play as Vikings that go around and raid, pillage, and fight in the glory of Odin so that they may enter the halls of Valhalla once they perish in battle. In Northgard, you can select clans to join. These clans have different bonuses and characteristics that are different from each other. In this guide, we will show you how to be a Viking of the Bear clan.

How To Bear Guide – Northgard

When you start a game with the Bear clan, you will have three bonuses granted to you. First off, you get a 30% reduction of the fine for Food production in the winter. Second, you can call two special units that will assist you. These characters are armored bears named Warrior and Kaya. Lastly, your fighters will not have a penalty to their strength when fighting in winter. Instead, you get a 10% sustainability.

With the bonuses in mind, you start in the northern territory with the bear clan, which is great for them, since most of their bonuses are attached to the winter. Your main source of Food is fish, and you can find that a lot in the northern territory.

As you play the game, your clan will receive bonuses called “Glory”. Every clan has their own unique Glory bonuses. For the Bear clan, they have the Spiritual Connection. This unlocks after reaching 200 units of Glory. This bonus allows the workers to receive a 15% bonus if the main characters of the Warrior clan and Kaya the bear are near them.

The second is Awakening of the Beast, which unlocks at 500 Glory. With this, you get a +3 bonus to Glory with every defeated enemy, only if the event happens in the area of the Warrior. Your fighter’s strength is increased by 1% with every 100 points of Glory. Lastly, Kaya is usually charged with a fine for moving around terrariums. With the bonus, he can freely move and fight around the enemy territory.

Each clan also has a Relic that grants a bonus to the clan. However, this must first be forged in the Forge before it is usable. For the Bear clan, the relic is the Gram Knives. Once the relic is forged, the Warrior gains the ability to wield the Gram Sword. Attacking enemies with this will cover them in ice, which makes the enemies move slow in both movement and attack speed.

Each clan also has a Tradition. These traditions are once again unique to each clan, and for the Bear clan, their Tradition is aimed at surviving the winter. Here’s a list of the traditions the Bear clan follows.

Defender of the LandIncreases Happiness by one unit if a Military Camp is bult on the territory. This improvement can be also be combined with Career.
HarpoonsIncreases the number of workers in the Fisherman’s Hut by one unit. It also increases production of the Food by 25%.
Shield WizardImproves Shield Bearers. After improvement, they increase their stability by 10%, with less Gold spend on hiring. The Camp of the Shield Bearers does not require maintenance.
Winter HolidayIn winter, fines for the production of Food is reduced by 50%.

Take note that Defender of the Land Happiness effect is indicated by one unit joining the military structure, thus raising an army. However, the Defense Tower does not increase any of the army. If you have more than one military structure built in a single territory, the effects will not stack, basically.

The Harpoons tradition also has greater effect if there are more Fisherman’s Huts. Less than 3 huts will have no noticeable advantage.

Shield Wizard with the Shield Bearers are great, but partnered up with the Ax Throwers, who are essentially the Bear clans main force, they become an unstoppable army.

Lastly, we focus on the Clan Heroes available to use. Kaya the Armored Bear can be summoned for 50 units of Food and 40 units of Gold from the Military Camp. The second hero is Warrior, who can also be summoned from the Military Camp. He costs more, however, with over 150 units of Gold and 5 units of Iron required.

The Warrior’s fighting capabilities can compete with the likes of Berserk, as he has a 13 damage unit with 15 defense unit, as well as 75 health units. He can still develop and have stronger units, but that is just hit base stats.

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