Project Zomboid: Hidden Stash Field Guide

These stashes can’t hide forever! Make sure you get all of them!

Finding resources in Project Zomboid can be terrifying. Zombies can be anywhere, and loot drops are scarce. Hidden Stashes can include rare and powerful items which can help you survive for longer in Project Zomboid. 

Hidden Stash Guide — Project Zomboid

What exactly are hidden stashes? These are the hidden and hard-to-find stashes on the map that include powerful items like weapons or resources. They are mostly inside houses or dungeons, so you have to keep your eyes peeled. 

The Hidden Stash can look like a small duffel bag or a normal set of floorboards on the ground. These floorboards contain loots like guns, ammo, and melee weapons. 

Keep in mind that you need to walk over the floorboard, and it will break, displaying a loot window. 

Because the map is dark, it can be difficult to find the hidden stashes. The only way you can find the hidden stash is to keep your eyes peeled for the weird and out-of-place items on the map. 

You can also use an Annotated Map to find the hidden stashes in the area. Some mods will also include the location of hidden stashes in their server. 

And that’s about it, keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find these stashes in no time!

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