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Repair Robot Head: Find Dance Pass, Reboot West Arcade & Reset the Breakers – FNAF Security Breach

It’s time to race! But first, let’s repair this robot head.

Once you are done with the mission called “Roxy’s Weakness”, you should have a damaged Robot Head. However, you need to repair it first and you can do so by using the repair station in the West Arcade. In order to do so, you will be needing a Dance Pass and do a reboot of the West Arcade. This guide will show you how to do all that.

How to Find Dance Pass – FNAF Security Breach

Once you have the Robot Head, backtrack your way back to the garage room with a recharge station and enter the garage room to its left. You will find the Dance Pass on top of the table with a red cloth. 

Go back out and climb the staircase next to the ramp. Enter the garage door with a save spot next to it on your left. Turn right and just backtrack your way out to the main stage by exiting the Sodaroni Garage door. 

Once you are out on the main stage, turn right and use the recharge station underneath the escalator if you need to. Head up to the escalator until you reach the Fazcade on Level 3. 

Enter the arcade and turn right, climbing up the staircase until you reach the highest floor. From here, go west, going through a series of arcade machines and avoiding security bots along the way. 

Once you reach the end of the hallway, you should see a series of arcade car racing machines. Go through the red door to the north that says “Staff Only”. Quickly head inside the metal door to your left with a sign that says “Restricted Area”

There is a save spot here in the security office but once you are inside the West Arcade, you will be on lockdown

Go back to the staircase and head down to the first floor. When you see the save spot, keep heading north until you see a huge robot sleeping(as seen from the picture above) on your left. 

Reboot Breakers in the West Arcade

The main breakers should be on the northernmost part of the room, below the Fazcade signage. Turn it on and go to the hallway with the security bot roaming on it. There should be a red door leading to the bathroom at the end of the hallway. 

Enter the bathroom and head inside the red door. The first breaker should be inside. 

Head back out to the golden statue in the middle and keep heading north until you see a series of carts near the arcade machines.

Activate the second breaker here and climb up the staircase again. Once you are on the top floor, turn left this time. Keep following the hallway until you reach the pink hole structure as shown below. 

The third breaker is below it. Go back to the security room from earlier but instead of going in, keep going north, turning left at the end of the hallway. 

Before the hallway ends, the last breaker should be on your right. Quickly sprint back to the security room, avoiding the falling obstacles that DJMM throws at you. 

NOTE: You will encounter Monty and Chica as you try to get to the breakers. Use your Fazer Blaster to stun Chica. Take note that this does not affect Monty as he has glasses on. You will then need to hide from him if he ever spots you.

Now that’s repaired, how about a race, Roxy?

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