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Psychonauts 2: Tomb of the Sharkophagus All Collectible Locations

See that beautiful 100% when you’re done!

Collectibles are, for people like me with a tiny bit of OCD, a must. I have to get each and everyone of them, otherwise, not seeing 100% or 10/10 or something along those lines will kill me. And I know there are many that have to suffer from this horrible disease! The “collect everything you see” disease! Fortunately for you all, in a puzzle-like, adventure game like Psychonauts 2, where collectibles could be considered hard to find, you’ll have this guide to show you the way to enlightenment! A bit much…?

Tomb of the Sharkophagus All Collectible Locations – Psychonauts 2

There are in total, 3 sections to the mission that Tomb of the Sharkophagus is:

  1. The Graveyard

    As you first enter the mind of Ford, you will find yourself in a graveyard. You can only find Figments here, 6 in total.
    The first 3 look like tombstones and you’ll see them easily as you walk by.
    The next ones you’ll have to get fast as you have to run from imminent death. They will be easy to see, since they shine like a christmas tree, and you’ll just have to get them quick.

  2. Tomb of the Sharkophagus

    Now, after jumping in a hole, you’ve made it to the actual tomb. There are 10 Figments you can get in this part, 1 Half-A-Mind and 1 Purse Tag.
    The idea of the level is that you fall and you’ll have to stop on 3 different ledges. As you fall on each one of them, you’ll collect 3 Figments.
    On the first ledge, you’ll find inside, after opening the door, another separate Fragment.
    Inside the room of the third ledge, you’ll find the Half-A-Mind on the right side of the place.
    The Purse Tag will be visible when you reach the third ledge as it sits on a shark that is flying around. See the reference picture below.
    It will fly right next to the ledge and you’ll have to stop it in time with Mental Connection. Jump on it to get the tag.

  3. The Coffin

    The last 4 Figments can be found in the Coffin, along with a Purse.
    You don’t have to worry about the Figments since you will kind of have to take them. After you see the skeletons of Ford’s grandparents, you’ll pass by a hall that has all 4 of them.
    In the next room, you’ll stumble into some weird machinery on the right. It will look like this and the purse will be behind it:

  4. Replay

    There is another thing you won’t be able to get on your first run. Fast travel to the Graveyard after you’ve finished it all and go straight ahead, behind the fast travel point.
    You’ll find a Memory Vault roaming around there.

Once you’ve beaten the Vault, you’d have collected all the collectibles for this Mission.

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