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Sonic Origins: Boss Rush Explained

How does Boss Rush work?

Sonic Origins is a Sonic the Hedgehog video game compilation that will be released by Sega. It includes remasters of the first four Sonic platform games, which were originally published for the Sega Genesis and are loved by all. The developers of this package made a couple of new modes for playing and one of them is for battling the in every stage.

Boss Rush Explained – Sonic Origins

If you want to skip through those sometimes very difficult platform sections and go straight to the boss fight, the developers have made it so you can do it by the press of a button. Just select Boss Rush in the main menu.

Each Sonic Title that is included in the Origins pack has a Boss Rush mode where you can actually go straight to the boss’s stage and fight with him directly.

It isn’t clear and players have been asking will there be an implementation of a multiplayer time rush to see who will be the fastest. Maybe an option like one-hit kill to make these battles more difficult? It still stays unknown but we the players might hope for something like that

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