V Rising 1.0: Complete Endgame Guide (Ruins of Mortum, Legendary Weapons & More)

So much looting, so little time!

Play as a vampire and hunt, conquer, and build your castle in V Rising. In this game, you have to beat enemies to grind for resources all while avoiding the sun to stay alive and expand your reach. The recently updated world of V Rising 1.0 includes new features such as a new zone called the Ruins of Mortium, incursions, and Stygian Shards. I’m here to break them all down in this complete endgame guide.

Complete Endgame Guide (Ruins of Mortum, Legendary Weapons & More)

This new update introduces a completely new system. The new zone, Ruins of Mortium, are runes on the east side of the map where incursions can activate. Incursions serve as replayable end-game content which makes grinding easier. The update also includes better gear, improved foraging, and building mechanics, as well as a new boss.

A gameplay still of V Rising.

Ruins of Mortium and Incursions

Incursions are a new replayable system. At certain times of the day, Tier 1 or Tier 2 incursions can activate, and major points of interest within the Ruins of Mortium will activate. The Ruins of Mortium is found on the east side of Moram where you face hordes of Dracula’s Army. Likewise, you can collect Draculan Blood from these ruins. 

During an Incursion, a central crystal will shoot out and form a shadowy version of V Rising Blood Bosses. Tier 2 Incursion bosses use an enhanced moveset similar to the ones in the brutal game mode.

SIDE NOTE: The brutal game mode comes with a brutal boss. Here’s how to beat Octavian on Brutal Mode to get a leg up on him!

What You Get From Looting Incursions

Now, it wouldn’t be a complete endgame guide if we didn’t discuss loot. The following items are what you can expect to find when looting Incursions.

Stygian Shards

Incursions have excellent loot potential. You can collect the new item, Stygian Shards here, which are used to unlock passive bonuses for your entire clan at the altar of Stygian awakening. These bonuses persist through death and enhance effects related to each of the schools of magic.

These can also be traded at vampire merchants, which can be found in the Ruins of Mortium, for ancestral weapon shards that can be crafted into actual weapons.

This is where you can find the new zone.

Note that the vampire merchant in the south of the ruins sells blue shattered weapons. These are not worth investing in because you’ll quickly gain access to better clear the more you progress in the game. The merchant in the north sells purple gear which is a much better investment.

Find the hidden merchant to get a chance at legendary weapons.

There is also a hidden loot table with the vendor up north where all items have a chance to roll into a legendary shatter weapon so try this out too. Greater Stygian Shards are also used for crafting certain items at your various stations. This includes tier 4 spell jewels and obsidian, which is a primary ingredient when making Siege Golems.

This is what the Great Stygian Shard looks like.

Shards can be farmed at any point, but Incursions increase their yield in exchange for more intense gameplay. In the South Fortress Ruins, a level 57 area, you can find Stygian Shards. Collect them by killing enemies, breaking containers, and opening chests. Likewise, you can find Greater Stygian Shards at Dracula’s Castle Garden, a level 80 area.

Bat Leather, Research Books, Legendary Gems & Shattered Weapons

Apart from that, there’s a wide array of loot you can collect from Incursions. A specific one is Bat Hide which you can use to make bat leather which is used to repair and craft endgame armor. 

Research Books, Legendary Gems, and Shattered Weapons can also be found at Incursions, and are some of the best items in the game right now, especially if you play on a PvP server where you need all the edge you can get when attacking and defending castles.

Preparing For An Incursion

Speed Is Key

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Incursions are timed events. They are only active for a short period for a given time. This means that speed matters.

Since Stygian Shards are a highly valued resource, expect that everyone else on the server will have their eye on completing Incursions. If you’re slow and sloppy you’ll be an easy target for players who are constantly out for blood and resources. 

Upgrade your jewels for better battle performance.

The faster you farm, the safer you, your team, and your resources will be. The key to clearing incursions is preparing with the proper gear. Tier 1 incursions are doable for players above level 57 hear score, and Tier 2 incursions are doable for players above level 80 gear score. Of course, it’s best to get as close as possible to level 90 before you start doing incursions for maximum output.

Spell Gems and Potions

You also want to have the best spell gems equipped because you’ll be cutting through waves of Draculan enemies. Equip the right potions like the Potion of Rage and Vampiric Brew to give yourself an edge. These potions are great because they persist after death. 

The potion of rage increases physical power by 6 for 60 minutes while the Vampiric Brew increases Spell Leach by 10% and Blood Type Efficiency by 5% for 60 minutes. 

Here are the Tiers in the game.
Have High-Quality Blood

The better the blood, the better the bonuses. Brute, Rogue, and Warrior blood will increase your combat prowess, while Creature blood increases your speed and survivability in the world of Vardoran. Below is the full list of blood types in V Rising: 

  • Frailed: Default, no benefit. Can be regained by feeding from small rodents.
  • Brute: Increases overall healing and attack speed. Primarily gained when feeding from bandits and soldiers.
  • Creature: Increases movement speed, sun resistance, damage reduction, and healing regeneration. Primarily gained when feeding from animals.
  • Rogue: Improves crit rate, movement speed, and travel skill cooldown. Primarily gained when feeding from assassins, trappers, and archers.
  • Scholar: Improves various spellcasting attributes including spell power, spell cooldown, and life leech. Primarily gained when feeding on spellcasters.
  • Warrior: Improves physical power, damage reduction, and weapon skill cooldown. Primarily gained when feeding from guards or militia.
  • Worker: Improves resource yield, one-hit resource gathering, damage reduction from certain environmental hazards, and travel speed on horseback. Primarily gained when feeding from weaker and non-hostile humans.

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Collect the highest quality blood from prisoners.

Soul Shard System

The new update also introduces the Soul Shard System. If you’re lucky enough to claim a Soul Shard from one of the final four bosses, you’ll need to restore its durability by killing Tier 2 final bosses. You need to wear the soul shard, taking it far outside the safety of a castle and making you vulnerable to attack.

SIDE NOTE: Not sure where to settle down yet? Here’s a guide on the best base locations in V Rising 1.0 to help you decide where to set down your castle!

This is a great new feature that makes player power exchange possible outside of raiding. The whole idea of an Incursion zone is that it serves as a conflict area. When you’re in a PVP server, you have to keep in mind that everyone is out for blood. Farming for shards gives players an excuse to leave the safety of their castles to farm for shards and face each other in perilous combat.

This is what the blood rose brew looks like.

Make sure you always have health potions with you like Rose Blood and Blood Rose Brew. Don’t get greedy when farming. In a server with 60 people, you have to be mindful of which runs you think are worth taking. Lastly, take advantage of your wolf form and use it to get quickly from place to place.

And that’s everything in this complete endgame guide! The new mechanics make for more exciting, high-stakes PvP, but the new loot should be worth the perils. Happy farming!


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