V Rising: How to Build Ancestral Forge Guide

All this just for a forge!

The introduction of the Gloomrot update in V Rising has introduced with it an overwhelming amount of new content. This guide will help you understand the function of the Ancestral Forge and tell you how to unlock it.

How to Build Ancestral Forge Guide

The Gloomrot update has introduced with it shattered weapons that have unique abilities. These weapons must be repaired at the Ancestral Forge before they can be used. This guide will be divided into two parts. One will focus on unlocking the Ancestral Forge, and the other will focus on crafting it.

How to unlock Ancestral Forge?

The Ancestral Forge can be unlocked by defeating Raziel the Shepherd in the Dunley Farmlands.

Raziel the Shepherd

Raziel is found in the Dunely Monstery, so it is recommended to take with you Holy Resistance Potions since near such areas the players take Holy Radiation damage which can drain health quickly if not cautious.

Raziel location

How to craft Ancestral Forge?

Crafting the Ancestral Forge requires one Primal Blood Essence, eight Radium Alloys and, sixteen Iron Ingots.

The Primal Blood Essence can be made at the blood press.

Blood press

There are two ways to find Radium Alloys. The first is to obtain it from the Trancendum Machine Factory in Gloomrot South by opening chests and defeating enemies.

Trancendum Machine Factory

Alternatively, players can fight Ziva, the Engineer in the Trancendum Machine Factory, to obtain the crafting recipe for Radium Alloy.

Ziva the Engineer

Lastly, Iron Ingots can be crafted at the Furnace, but you need to know their recipe. The recipe for Iron Ingots can be unlocked by defeating Quincy the Bandit King. Iron Ore required to make the Iron Ingots can be found in the Haunted Iron Mine.

Haunted Iron Mine

Now, at last, you can craft the Ancestral Forge and repair the shattered weapons to add a bit more firepower to your arsenal. However, additional materials are required for repairing weapons at the forge. A complete guide can be found here.

The Ancestral Forge is an interesting new crafting station added to the game. We hope that this guide helped you craft the Ancestral Forge. If you have any suggestions or critiques, we would love to hear from you in the comments.

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