V Rising: How to Get Exquisite Hearts

It’s time to hunt for some hearts!

V Rising requires you to survive and rise up once again after your slumber. One of the items you can get in the game is exquisite hearts. This guide will show you how you can get exquisite hearts in V Rising. 

How to get Exquisite Hearts – V Rising

Exquisite hearts are one of the most important items in V Rising. This item is required to craft high-level gear. High-level gear can help increase your strength and defense as a vampire. However, getting the item is not so easy. 

The game does not tell you where to get the item or how to unlock it. To get exquisite hearts, go to Silverlight Hills. You need to defeat high-level enemies in this area. The levels of the mobs must be level 68 or above or else they would not drop exquisite hearts.

Exquisite Hearts have a rare drop chance so you may need to take multiple trips in the area for the item. The enemies dropping the hearts can also take a long time to respawn. Once you have the exquisite hearts, you can use the Blood Press.

Using the blood press will give you Primal or Great Blood essence in exchange for the exquisite hearts. 

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