Gray Zone Warfare: Deep Depravity Task Guide

Time do a deep dive into a bunker!

Gray Zone Warfare Deep Depravity Task Guide Mithras

There are a lot of games these days that have massive maps filled with areas to explore and loot to find. Most of these games have quests where you’ll need to find certain items and some of them don’t have quest markers!

In Grey Zone Warfare, there are a lot of quests where you have to look for certain items throughout the map. The game doesn’t hold your hand and gives you a quest marker to follow through. You’ll need to search for it and it can be a hassle sometimes.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Deep Depravity task in the game. We’ll go through where you’ll need to go and what you’ll need to get. Now let’s see what this quest is all about!

Deep Depravity Task Guide

There are a lot of different tasks that you can do in the game and one of them is “Deep Depravity.” It’s a task that will make you go through a bunker and look for a tiny flash drive. That’s like diving for a needle in a haystack, so you’ll need a guide on where it is!

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Here are the steps we’ll be taking to complete this quest:

  1. Go to YBL-1 which is south of Fort Narith.
  2. Go inside the Bunker using the VBL-1 Main Entrance.
  3. Head to the second level of the Bunker.
  4. Find the Meeting Room.
  5. Get the Flash Drive from the desk.
  6. Extract and complete the quest!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

To do this quest, you’ll need to go to the YBL-1 complex which is south of Fort Narith. Both areas are in the southwestern parts of the map, so make sure to pick the proper LZ. Once you’ve gotten close to YBL-1, you’ll need to head southwestern part of the complex where you can find the YBL-1 Main Entrance.

Gray Zone Warfare YBL-1 Bunker Map Location
There are a lot of enemies here and north of the area!

You’re looking for a massive square bunker door that’s open. Go inside and then down the stairs then turn left. You’ll see the area shown below, go through the doorway, and go straight to the end. Once you’re in a hallway, turn left.

Gray Zone Warfare YBL-1 Bunker Main Entrance
Watch out for other players that might be doing the same task!

When you face left, you’ll see an open door next to some Hazmat suits. Go into that door and you’ll see a stairwell going down. Head down to the second level of the bunker and take the door to the right.

Gray Zone Warfare Hallway With Hazmat Suits
Don’t worry, you won’t need those hazmat suits!

Once you’re on the second level, turn right then left following the hallway.

Gray Zone Warfare YBL-1 Bunker Second Level
We’re getting closer to the objective!

Turn left again and you’ll find an open room as shown below. That’s the room where they do meetings, go inside it, and at the end of the room is a smaller one with a desk and a laptop.

Gray Zone Warfare To The Meeting Room
Good thing people left most of the doors open here!

Next to the laptop is a flash drive called “Horrific Recordings.” Take it and that should complete the quest, all you need to do now is to extract out of there!

Gray Zone Warfare Horrific Recordings Location
Item found, now to extract!

That’s how you can complete the “Deep Depravity” task in Gray Zone Warfare. Now, go out there and try to finish the task yourself! Want to do more tasks in the game? Check out our Deal Of The Century Task Guide for more information!


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