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How much Whetstone do you need?

The first major expansion for V Rising came from the Gloomrot update. Although there are revamps to game mechanics and the introduction of a lot of new content, some content from the past remains unchanged at still is important in the overall progression of the game. This guide will focus on one such component, which is the Whetstones.

Whetstone is one of those components that is important not only in the early game but also throughout mid-game and late-game. Its importance throughout the game is because it is an essential ingredient in crafting Dark Silver Ingots

Whetstone Locations

Whetstone is mainly found in the Farbane Woods. A good starting point for farming it would be Bandit Armory which is located almost in the middle of the Farbane Woods

Bandit Armory location

In addition to this, the Bandit Stronghold and Bandit Encampment are also good locations for farming Whetstone.

Other whetstone locations

Another tip players are unaware of is that small Bandit Camps in Farbane Woods are also good places for farming Whetstone. Although on the map, it says that paper can be found at such spots, that is simply not true. The enemies in this area, alongside the chests and the destructible objects, all have a chance of containing Whetstone.

Bandit camps

Other than finding it from locations, Whetstone can also be crafted. For this, a Furnace and the crafting recipe for Whetstone are required. The recipe for crafting Whetstone can be obtained by defeating Grayson the Armourer, a level 27 boss. Grayson is found at the Bandit Armory, which we mentioned in the guide.

Grayson the Armourer

Once the crafting recipe has been acquired, the Whetstone can be made in the Furnance using one Copper Ingot and nine Stone dust


If your furnace is on the matching floor only, then 9 Stone Dust is required. If not on a matching floor, it requires twelve Stone dust


The Copper Ingot can be obtained by smelting fifteen Copper Ore in the furnace, and the Stone Dust can be obtained from the Bandit Armory or the grinder.

Whetstones are an important resource in V Rising, so it is crucial to be stocked up on them. If you follow this guide, then there should be no difficulty in obtaining this resource. As usual, if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the comments.

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