World Of Aincrad: Floor 3 Miniboss & Waypoint Location

New boss, new location, new equipment!

World of Aincrad Floor 3 waypoint and miniboss
World of Aincrad Floor 3 waypoint and miniboss

A new update for World of Aincrad has added Floor 3 to the game and we’re excited to show you the miniboss and each new waypoint. If you’re already fully equipped and upgraded in Floor 2, this is the time to fight Sauros, the floor’s boss! New monsters and weapons have also been added, so let’s get started so you can grind fast in the game!

Floor 3 Miniboss & Waypoint Location

Twilight Meadows has four waypoints that you can unlock. It is contrast from the annoyingly, confusing terrain of Floor 2 with the lack of visible pathway.

Floor 3 has a visible pathway, although it is dark, that allows players to still get where they need to go by following it. All of the waypoints are also near the road, or at the end of some of them.

The first Waypoint is the Hillock Nexus waypoint. Take this path behind the pillar where the level 19 NPC quest is.

Follow the path and where it’s sort of gone, just keep going in that same direction until you see this path in between the cliffs. Go through that and immediately on your first right turn is the Hillock Nexus waypoint.

World Of Aincrad: Floor 3 Miniboss & Waypoint Location

From here, take the path towards the river and follow that path. There should be a monolith similar to the ones you saw near the Hillock Nexus waypoint. That means you’re on the right path. Right before the bridge, you should see the Bridge of the Duskened Path waypoint.

Keep going and past the bridge. You’ll have to go through the dangerous area with a lot of aggressive and dangerous mobs like the Lurking Sorceress. With that said, they’re easy to deal with once you know the timing to dodge their hits.

Go past the ruins and keep following the path until you end up at this branch. Don’t miss it because the waypoint is in between them, tucked in the corner here. This is the Moonglow Bloom Passage waypoint.

From this branch, to the right is the miniboss and to the left will be the dungeon. Now if you keep going to the right, to find the miniboss you have to go through the cyrstal cavern.

Inside this cavern, head towards your 11 o’clock to find another way deeper inside. This is where Floor 3 miniboss, Primal Nightshade, can be found.

World Of Aincrad: Floor 3 Miniboss & Waypoint Location

To the other way is the dungeon. This might be the most tedious part of Floor 3 where there’s no nearby waypoint leading to the dungeon. The closest waypoint was at the branching road. Keep going all the way until you see this winding path that leads up to the tower.

World Of Aincrad: Floor 3 Miniboss & Waypoint Location

The final waypoint is in the same way as the dungeon, but instead of towards the dungeon, you want to hug the lakeside. Keep going until the end of the path and you’ll see another waterfall. The Hillside Retreat waypoint is here, but there’s currently nothing to do here.

And those are all the waypoints and the miniboss location for Floor 3 in World of Aincrad! How would you rate the new update?

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