World of Aincrad: Floor 2 – All Quests & Waypoints Location

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World of Aincrad Floor 2 quests and waypoints
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If you’re on Floor 2 in World of Aincrad, needless to say you now need the locations to all the quests and waypoints here. Reaching the endgame soon will let you prepare for when new updates drop, which the game promises will happen very soon.

Credits go to DigitalNightSky. Without further ado, here are the quests you don’t want to miss and the locations to the Waypoints in the map.

Floor 2 – All Quests & Waypoints Location

Most of the NPC quests and the Waypoints are usually located together. That said, the location between Waypoints and NPCs are pretty far apart in Floor 2 compared to Floor 1.

The first NPC quest you can see is just right next to the main Teleport Pad of Floor 2. The first quest will ask you to kill the Stag Beetles nearby.

As you go on your way killing the Stag Beetles, you can make your way slowly to the next NPC. Continue going straight until you see this arch-shaped entrance on the cliff that you can go through. Right under the archway is the second NPC whose quest is to kill the Giant Hornets.

Go through the archway. The first Waypoint – Autumnreach Chasm is located near the third NPC beyond the archway.

After you go beyond that, keep going straight past through in between the cliffs. You’ll be able to see the waypoint and the NPC next to each other here. The quest will be asking you to kill the Guardians here.

From here, look to the open area and you’re gonna be able to spot the bridge right there. The fourth NPC will be by the bridge.

The next waypoint which is the F2 Boss Waypoint is located beyond the bridge from before. It’s the Emberglade Gorge waypoint with the level 13 quest NPC here which is for the golems.

The fourth waypoint and fifth NPC are over all the way on the direction as shown below. The final leg of the trip is the longest one, past the field of Golems and Hornets. You’ll see this path between two cliffs.

Go through them and you’ll see the final NPC with the third waypoint – Vespid Vale next to him.

Good luck!

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