World Of Aincrad: Floor 1 & Floor 2 Dungeon Location

The strongest mobs in the map.

World of Aincrad Dungeon Locations

The dungeon in World of Aincrad is an important location where the final boss of the floor is located. They are also your final grinding location and is where you get the floor’s best equipment. Although the grinding can be tough in there with the occasional PKers sending you back to the starting point, they’re the best place for grinding.

We’ll show you how to reach these places.

Floor 1 & Floor 2 Dungeon Location

Floor 1 dungeon is located beyond the Forest. From the Starting Town, just follow the dirt path until you end up at the Forest where the Nepenthes and wolves spawns. Once you reach the forest, the path will be completely gone.

We suggest getting the nearby Teleport Pads activated, like the Camp and the Forest. If you have the Camp on, stick to the wall on your left and run alongside it. The Dungeon’s door will be there is less than 2 minutes. Check out this guide for the complete Waypoints guide for Floor 1.

Back at the entrance of the forest, look at the tower in front of you. That’s the dungeon you’re looking for. So before going in, just make sure you’re running straight into the direction of the tower. You’ll find the entrance there.

The dungeon for Floor 2 is similarly, on the general direction of where the tower is. With that said, you cannot exactly just run straight in this direction. There are tall cliffs and rivers to cross, so keep reading.

As you head into the orange field, go beyond this arch which is where the second quest NPC is located and turn right (not U-turn!). Go straight until you see another path here.

As you keep following this path, you’ll find the Autumnreach Chasm Waypoint and another quest NPC next to it. If you’ve got this Waypoint activated, that’d make things easier. Look in the distance and you can see the bridge here. Go through that and look to your right.

And there’s your dungeon! If you turned left, you’ll find yourself at the Emberglade Gorge Waypoint. Definitely go activate that once you’re here to make your travel easier later.

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