World of Aincrad: Floor 1 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips

Up to 6 monsters on the list! Lots of work for you to do.

World of Aincrad: Floor 1 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips

World of Aincrad is an open world MMO RPG Roblox game based on a popular anime called Sword Art Online. This is a game that prioritizes team work rather than solo play. You’ll get to team up with friends and together fight against monsters and bosses in various floors.

Floor 1 in World of Aincrad has multiple monsters that you will need to fight. These will give you unique drops along with important quest items that you want to gather. In this guide, we’ll show you the mob locations, drops and also tips to help you progress.

Floor 1 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips


You can find boars on the fields that’s outside the starter town exit. Simply walk outside of the castle area and walk along the path. You will then find the Boars wandering in the fields to both sides of the dirt path.

Lv.1 Boars have the HP bar of 80, while Lv.2 Boars have 110 HP. These will guarantee to drop you 1-5 col and 1.7 – 2 EXP. For a 30% chance, you can get the Lvl 2 Sturdy Greatsword or the Lv 2 Metallic Rapier.

World of Aincrad: Floor 1 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips Boars

To effectively farm these boars, it’s recommended for you to find a party or some friends with you. One person will want to tank the hits of the monsters while others hit the monster from behind or to the sides. When one of you get low on health, you can rotate and let the person that has full health tank the hits and repeat the steps.


Keep following the dirt path until you reach the huge forest area, and you will be able to find the wolves. Level 3 and Level 4 Wolves have an HP Bar of 136 and 150, respectively. These will also guarantee you from 3 to 8 cols as drops.

World of Aincrad: Floor 1 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips Wolves

Wolves have a 30% chance to drop Common items like the Level 2 Bronze Straight Sword and the Level 2 Wolf Tunic. You’ll also have a chance of dropping an uncommon rarity straight sword called the Level 4 Blade of Meadows.


In the same forest area where you can find wolves, you can also find Nepenthes. These are Level 5 and Level 6 monsters with a health bar of 235 and 270 HP, respectively. These will give you 3.5 to 4 EXP when you defeat them, and they will also drop 6 – 12 col.

Nepenthes have a 10% chance of dropping items with all of them being the uncommon rarity. These items are the Level 4 Blade of Meadows, Level 4 Stout Claymore, Level 4 Teal Guard and the Level 4 Steel Chestplate. The same tips apply, just like when you’re fighting the boars and wolves.

World of Aincrad Nepenthes


This mob is located in the Floor 1 Dungeon Tower. To find it, it’s recommended for you to go to the entrance of the forest. Then, turn the graphics to max and find the tall grey tower. You can then go to the entrance and interact with the door to get in.

Kobolds are stronger monsters that you’ll need to fight. These have an HP bar of 324, 405 and 486. Moreover, they drop higher rarity items such as the Level 6 Darksteel Straightsword, Mace, Rapier and the Level 6 Warden’s Platemail. You have a 2% of getting one of the items upon defeating them.

World of Aincrad Kobolds

To effectively farm this monster, you will want to defeat the 2 Kobolds near the entrance so that you do not get overwhelmed by the enemy numbers. Another tip is that you should always do this dungeon with some party members, you and your party teammates can tank the attacks of these monsters together, which makes it easier to farm.


Illfang is a monster you can find at the end of the Floor 1 Dungeon Maze. In order to solve the Maze, follow these steps: Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left. This is a huge boss with a decent HP bar and can drop one of the good items.

The two Legendary Rarity items are the Level 10 Guardian’s Platemail and the Level 10 Kobold Lord’s Battle Axe. These weapons and armors give you good HP increase, defense and damage. It’s recommended for you to find some friends and fight this one boss since it has up to 75,000 HP.

World of Aincrad: Floor 1 Mob Locations, Drops & Tips Illfang

You will need a party of at least 5 people, and all have Kobold gear. Moreover, HP potions are also necessary since you will want to regenerate your health bar when it gets low. Simply take turns and tank the boss attacks then rotate and let the next person tank.

Alpha Nepenthes

The Alpha Nepenthes is near the Nepenthes Land Waypoint. This area is near the western mountain side of the map. At exit of the main town, take a left turn and continue walking until you see an opening between 2 hills. Then, take the left path once the opportunity is given and go straight.

World of Aincrad Alpha Nepenthes

This boss has 18,750 HP and has a 1% Chance to give you the Level 8 Lineal Blade, Stellar Point and Sentinel Plate. These items are all Epic Rarity weapons and armors that can help you become stronger. When you fight this monster, apply the same strategy that you use to fight the other monsters mentioned.

That is all of the Floor 1 Mob Locations, Drops and Tips on how to defeat them! As you progress, you’ll want to find some friends that can help you farm. After you are done with floor 1, you can keep playing and proceed to floor 2. More floors will be added as updates come out so always be prepared!

Credits go to Its Hatsu! on Youtube

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