World of Aincrad: Floor 3 Dungeon Location

Where’s the dungeon?

World of Aincrad Floor 3 dungeon location
World of Aincrad Floor 3 dungeon location

World of Aincrad has added Floor 3 complete with the dungeon. This is the hotspot for grinding new equipment as it typically is with the previous floors. While the floor is a lot easier to navigate on this floor, you might be getting lost with no way of going up there. We’ll show you the closest waypoint to use and the shortest path to reach the dungeon!

Floor 3 Dungeon Location

The closest waypoint is the Moonglow Bloom Passage waypoint, which is located between the miniboss cave and the dungeon. If you haven’t unlocked the waypoints, check this guide for the locations of the waypoints and the miniboss!

Upon teleporting, you can see the tower to your right. Head towards that way, pass the Lurking Sorceress spawn area. It’s a long walk, but eventually, you’ll see an alleyway.

The dungeon is located on top of the cliff to your right. Just keep walking until the end of the alley where you’ll see the foothill.

Keep climbing up this pathway and you’ll eventually reach the dungeon. Once again we remind, there’s no waypoint up here.

So, everytime you want to go back to the dungeon, you’ll have to take this long walk up. The dungeon is littered with Moonshadow Knight so make sure you’re prepared for this grind!

That’s where the dungeon for Floor 3 is located in World of Aincrad. The boss hasn’t yet been added, but we’re sure it’ll be added when Floor 4 is released. We’ll keep you posted!

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