World Of Aincrad: Floor 1 Complete Guide

A complete guide for Floor 1!

World of Aincrad is a Roblox gave that takes inspiration from the popular anime series Sword Art Online. The game features RPG mechanics alongside a party system to team up with your friends. You can take on bosses, complete quests, trade items, and so much more in this game. It is recommended to play this game at a party due to its emphasis on team-based mechanics. This article will be a complete guide for Floor 1 in this game.

Floor 1 Complete Guide

This article is divided into different sections, with each one focusing on the location of the quest bearer or important locations with waypoints.

Level 1 Quest

This is the first quest on this floor and can be obtained in the Town Spawn area. Just next to the spawn area, you will find a level 1 NPC named Warren Peace, who will give you the Boars Quest. This quest involves defeating 10 Boars and is one of the easiest quests in the game.

Level 1 NPC
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Finding Boars is not that difficult as they are found in the vicinity of the Town. Once you exit the Spawn Town and enter into the grasslands, you should be able to spot the Boars quite easily.

Level 2 Quest

For the level 2 quest, head straight from the spawn location and take the first left that you can. This will allow you to enter a market area where you can find the related NPC on the second table at the right.

Level 2 NPC
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Talk to Grace Cynthia at the table, and she will give you the Wolves quest. Wolves can be found near the Forest area, or you can simply exit the town and head left. Once you cross the small hill, Wolves should start to spawn. This is much easier than going all the way to the forest.

Level 3 Quest

For the level 3 quest, exit the market area and take a left turn. Cross the bridge in front of you, and at the other end, towards the left, you can find the NPC with the related quest.

Level 3 NPC
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Talk to Christian Lynwood, and he will give you the Nepenthes quest, which is the level 3 quest. This involves defeating the Plants Mobs found in the Forest area. We do not recommend heading for the forest unless you do not have level 3 armor such as the Wolf’s Tunic or level 3 weapons. This is because the enemies near the forest are quite powerful and you can die easily if you do not equip the proper equipment.

Nephentes mob
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Shop Location

For this, walk back to the other side of the town using the bridge that you used previously. From here, take the first left, which should allow you to enter the opposite side of the market that you entered for the level 2 quest. Walk straight ahead, and you should be able to see the Shop sign.

Shop location
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We recommend stopping by the shop and picking up the Iron weapons since these are much better than the Basic weapons that you start out with. Moreover, you can purchase potions and Teleport Crystals from this shop as well to help you in your adventure. 

Level 7 Quest

Enter the shop by interacting with the door, and on the right, you will be able to see the level 7 NPC named Milo Maximilian. Interact with him to obtain the Alpha Nepenthes quest to continue your journey. This is a mini-boss quest, so will need to be at least level 7 in order to get this quest as otherwise the NPC will simply reject you. 

Level 7 Mini Boss NPC
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To find the mini-boss, follow the dirt path outside Spawn Town until you reach the entrance of the forest. From the entrance, head left and then take another left to stay on the hill and follow it straight to the end. This will lead you to the mini-boss. We recommend not fighting the mini-boss until you have the armor dropped from the Nephentes since this boss does deal a lot of damage and has a lot of health.

Use floating island as reference
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Using the Floating Island as your guide, you will eventually reach the Nepenthes Land Waypoint which is slightly to the right. This is the closest to the mini-boss, so make sure to activate it.

Nephentes land waypoint
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From here just head straight from the waypoint, and you should be able to see the mini-boss in the distance. The boss is surrounded by 4 Stone Pillars, so it shouldn’t be hard to miss.

Mini Boss
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For this, exit the shop and head back outside into the market. Exit the market and take the first right so that the bridge is in your sight. Cross the bridge, and straight ahead, you should see the exit to Spawn Town.

Follow Dirt Path
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Once you exit Spawn Town, there will be a rough dirt part that cuts through the Grasslands. Keep following this dirt path, and feel free to cut at some points where you feel like you can go much faster since the path have quite a few turns and twists. Eventually, you should see a large density of trees indicating that you have reached the Forest area.

Level 5 Quest & Camp Waypoint

From the entrance to the forest, head left, and you should spot Waterfalls. As you get closer, you should see a giant lake, a path that is etched into the cliffside. Follow this path, and you should be able to see the light from a Campfire in the distance.

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Walk to the campfire, and next to it will be Gevin Zachary, who will give you the Kobolds quest. Next to the campfire, you will also be able to activate the Camp Waypoint. Interacting with the waypoint will cause it to turn Blue meaning that now you can fast travel to its location.

Dungeon Entrance

To find the entrance to the Dungeon, follow the path back from the campfire location and keep huggin the cliffside. Eventually, you should see the entrance to the Dungeon which is a big door in the side of the cliff. This is the advantage of the Campfire Waypoint as it allows you to get to the dungeon quickly.

Dungeon Entrance
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Level 8 Quest & Boss Door

For the level 8 quest, head to the entrance of the Dungeon. Interact with the door to enter the dungeon. Proceed very carefully from this point onwards, and there will be numerous enemies inside the dungeon. Once you enter the dungeon, follow the direction that we have stated here, taking the first turn that you find. Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, and Left.

Last quest giver
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You should reach the door that leads to the Kobold boss, and right outside it, you can interact with Anson Harlow, who will give you the level 8 quest. You cannot fight the boss unless you are level 7, so don’t even think about attempting the fight unless you hit that level. If you are slightly under leveled, we recommend farming the enemies in the Dungeon since this is a very good farming spot. At the very least, keep 20 Medium Health Potions when attempting to fight the boss since you will take damage.

This concludes our guide for the first floor in the World of Aincrad. Let us know in the comments below if this guide was helpful for you or if you have any questions or suggestions for us.

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