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Gray Zone Warfare offers an immersive military shooter experience from a first person perspective to players. As part of the game, you will need to complete a variety of tasks and missions that are assigned to you. You can find many such quests in all the maps of the game.

One such map is Mithras where you have a variety of tasks that you can complete. For example, you might even be interested in eliminating a commander as part of the One Shot One Kill Quest in Mithras. However, in this guide, we’ll be looking at how you can complete the Carnivore Quest. Let’s dive in!

Carnivore Quest Guide

The Carnivore Quest is just one of the many quests that you can find in Mithras when playing Gray Zone Warfare. It is fairly simple as well, as you’ll see below. Here are the steps that you need to follow for the Carnivore Quest in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. Go to the Hunter’s Paradise area in the Mithras Map
  2. Locate the White Shack that can be found in an opening
  3. Enter the shack and go to the back of the kitchen
  4. Get the biological samples from the fridge to complete the quest.

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Carnivore Quest Location (Hunter’s Paradise)

First up, you’ll need to head to the correct location of Gray Zone Warfare. So, you’ll need to make your way to the Hunter’s Paradise for the Carnivore Quest. You can find this area if you open the Mithras map on your menu. However, Hunter’s Paradise does not really narrow it down.

Instead, look below the Hunter’s Paradise label and you should be able to make out a small clearing. This small clearing is exactly where you want to be heading.

Hunter's Paradise zoomed out in Gray Zone Warfare.

If you zoom in, you will also be able to see some small buildings here: which includes Firing Lanes, Motels and a Dumping Ground. The specific coordinates of this area are: (159, 168). Using these, you will be able to go to the exact quest area.

Hunter's Paradise zoomed in in Gray Zone Warfare.

Enter White Shack

Once you’re in the Carnivore Quest area, you’ll see a bunch of buildings around. What you’re looking for is a white shack that has some vehicles nearby. Here is a picture which shows the exact shack you should be looking out for. After you find the shack, simply enter inside.

White Shack in Gray Zone Warfare.

Take Biological Samples (Complete Carnivore Quest)

Inside the shack, you’ll notice a kitchen towards one side of the shack. Enter through the small doorway that leads into the kitchen. Here, you’ll see another door on the left side that leads to a small back room of the kitchen. Enter through this doorway.

Kitchen in Gray Zone Warfare.

Once you’re inside this cramped room, look towards the right. You’ll see a refrigerator here with the top door open. Simply approach the fridge and you’ll see the option Get Samples appear on the screen. Click on this option and you’ll have completed the Carnivore Quest in Gray Zone Warfare!

Carnivore Quest Fridge in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Carnivore Quest in Gray Zone Warfare. As you can see, it is quite a simple quest once you know where to go. While this quest was not particularly dangerous, there are many tasks that will require you to fight. So, having the right ammo can be incredibly handy. This is why we recommend checking out our Complete Ammo guide. It’ll make your journey in the game much easier!


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