Gray Zone Warfare: Complete Ammo Guide

Choose the right ammo for the job!

Gray Zone Warfare Complete Ammo Guide

When it comes to video games, you don’t think about ammunition more than how much you have. For games that go with more realism, they often give players options on different kinds of ammunition. They’ll all have their stats and strategies to use.

In Grey Zone Warfare, they’re going with the realism route with ammo variants for the different ammo. For new players who don’t know what these ammo types are, it can get a bit confusing, so you’ll need to know what they do!

In this guide, we’ll show you what the different ammo types do in the game. We’ll go through what they’re good for and what they’re bad against, so let’s see what the different ammo types are!

Complete Ammo Guide

When jumping into Gray Zone Warfare, you shouldn’t just load different ammunition willy-nilly. There are a lot of different ammo out there with their characteristics as well as strengths and weaknesses. You should know what to use for the occasion, so here are all of the most common ammo and their types in the game.

5.56 x 45mm Ammunition

You standard intermediate cartridge that is mostly used by the M4 rifles. This ammo has by far the most variants so you should know what each one of them does so you can maximize your performance.

  • 5.56x54mm Tracer – A tracer bullet means that it should leave a visible streak as it flies through the air. Sadly the tracer rounds in the game don’t work right now as they don’t do anything, so it’s best to skip this one.
  • 5.56x54mm M855 AP – For this bullet, the AP means Armor Piercing and it’s best used against armored targets. The bullet can penetrate armor but does little damage compared to the other bullets.
  • 5.56x54mm FMJ – For this bullet, it means Full Metal Jacket and it can be regarded as a jack-of-all-trades bullet. It can penetrate some light armor but not as good as AP.
  • 5.56x54mm HPBT – This is the best bullet when it comes to fighting un-armored enemies. The Hallow Point bullet spreads when it hits a target, dealing a lot of damage but is useless against armor.
  • 5.56x54mm M193 – A better version of the FMJ as it has better armor penetration. Best used with long barrel M4s so check out our guide for best M4 builds for more information!
Gray Zone Warfare 556 Ammo
There are a lot of ammo types there so learn the difference!

5.45 × 39mm Ammunition

The intermediate cartridge of the Soviet Union and the ones used by AI enemies. The great thing about using these is that they’re light and you can replenish your ammo on the field.

  • 5.45×39mm PS – This bullet has more Armor Piercing capability similar to the M855. Use it for armored targets and aim your shorts carefully!
  • 5.45×39mm PP – This bullet is overall great for dealing with armor but you’ll need to aim better with this one.

7.62 x 39mm Ammunition

The bigger cartridge that the enemy AI uses in the field. Fairly common as the smaller cartridge but with a bit more variety.

  • 7.62x39mm SP – It acts similar to an HP or Hallow Point where it deals more damage but is less reliable against armor. Sadly the bullet seems to be buggy right now and is dealing less damage.
  • 7.62x39mm US – This bullet acts similarly to the 5.56x54mm FMJ but with a lower muzzle velocity. It’s supposed to be used with suppressors.
  • 7.62x39mm FMJ – Similar to the 5.56x54mm FMJ but deals a bit more damage.
  • 7.62x39mm PS – It’s an overall great bullet that can deal with armor and has respectable damage. Can reliably tap the torso of unarmored targets.

Those are all of the most common ammunition that you’ll use in Gray Zone Warfare and what they do. Now go out there and pick your ammo! Now that you know how ammo works make sure you know how to heal! Check out our complete healing guide for more information!


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