Gray Zone Warfare: Wanted Man II Task Guide | Mithras

This Interrogation Transcript will give us the remaining key information we need against the Shadow Organization.

Gray Zone Warfare: Wanted Man II Task Guide | Mithras

If you are into realistic first-person shooters, then you will love Gray Zone Warfare. It was recently released as Early Access here on Steam. The game not only has your typical PvE mode but also has the PvEvP mode which allows you to play with your friends. This guide will tell you about the Wanted Man II quest and how you can get it done as quickly as possible. Continue reading to get more information about it.

Task Guide of Wanted Man II | Mithras

This task requires you to infiltrate the Barracks area of Fort Narith and look around for the Interrogation Transcript which contains valuable information. It is the continuation of the original Wanted Man task. Exact objectives of this task are mentioned below:


  • Retrieve the interrogation transcript and report back to Gunny.
    • Locate the interrogation transcript.

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Getting the Interrogation Transcript

The first thing you need to do is go to the Fort Narith area. The LZs that are available to you in this area are DELTA 1, DELTA 2 and DELTA 3. Your best bet is to take DELTA 3 as it is the closest one to Barracks which is where you need to actually go.

NOTE: If you still haven’t unlocked all the LZs of the game, then you can do so by checking out this guide: Gray Zone Warfare: Where To Unlock LZs.

Once you get down to Fort Narith and reach the Barracks. Head to the building that is marked in the image below. The exact coordinates of this building are 141, 131. However, you will also need to deal with AI enemies here so move around carefully.

Location of Interrogation Transcript
Location of the Building containing the Interrogation Transcript marked on the Map.

Once you get inside the building (that is marked above), you will notice a room with an open door. Inside this room, there will be a lamp that is lit on top of a table. You will find the Interrogation Transcript besides this lamp. Go ahead and pick it up.

Interrogation Transcript
Interrogation Transcript.

Once you are done, head back to Gunny and give him the Interrogation Transcript. This will mark your task completed.

This is it for this task guide on Wanted Man II. If you are having trouble fighting AI soldiers in the game then I suggest you work on your loadout. If you are confused which weapons are the best then check out this quick guide for tips: Gray Zone Warfare: Best Weapon Builds Guide.


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Gray Zone Warfare: Wanted Man Task Guide | Mithras

Gray Zone Warfare: Wanted Man Task Guide | Mithras

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