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Time to hack some cameras!

Gray Zone Warfare Hacker Quest Guide Mithras

Games these days have a lot of big worlds for players to explore, from RPGs to even FPS games. Extraction Shooters make the big levels and worlds part of their gameplay, connecting it to quests and challenges players can face.

In Grey Zone Warfare, there are different quests that you can do when jumping into the map. From elimination quests, to fetch quests and more. The Hacker quest needs you to hack a couple of cameras around an area on the map.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can complete the Hacker Quest for Gray Zone Warfare. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do and get those rewards!

Hacker Quest Guide

The map of Gray Zone Warfare is huge and sometimes, it can get a little confusing when doing quests in it. There are some quests where you’ll need to find specific places and sometimes, it’s hard to spot them. That’s why you’ll need a guide to get to them!

Here are the steps we’ll be taking to complete the Hacker quest in the game:

  1. Get the required materials to hack the cameras from Handshake.
  2. Go to Fort Narith southwest of the map.
  3. Look for the 4 Cameras you’ll need to hack.
  4. Hack all 4 cameras to complete the quest!

SIDE NOTE: While you are here, consider checking out our guide on almost every task in Gray Zone Warfare to see what your next steps will look like!

This article continues with a detailed walkthrough down below!

Detailed Walkthrough

The “Hacker” quest is given to you by Handshake and he’ll give you the materials to hack the cameras for the quest. If you lose these items, either by accidentally discarding them or losing them in a raid, you can buy them from him.

Make sure that you have the materials when you do the mission since you can’t hack the cameras otherwise. The area you’ll want to go to is Forth Narith which is southwest of the map.

Camera 1

When you go to Fort Narith, the first camera on the list is to the eastern checkpoint as shown on the map below. From the main road, go west to the checkpoint.

Gray Zone Warfare Eastern Checkpoint
Expect enemies and players in the area!

There, you’ll see a small building where the checkpoint guards should be. On one of the corners of the building is a camera. Walk up to it and interact with it to hack the camera. You can check if you don’t it correctly by looking at the quest and seeing if it is updated.

Gray Zone Warfare Hacker Camera 1
First camera down, 3 more to go!

Camera 2

The next camera is to the southwest of the previous one further into the compound. This area is littered with enemies, so advance carefully and make sure you don’t die! What you’re looking for is a big building with flags in front of it.

Gray Zone Warfare For Narith Main Building
You’re looking for a big rectangular building!

Once you see the building shown below, you’ll want to go inside of it using the main entrance.

Gray Zone Warfare For Narith Main Building Entrance
Go inside and head to the right!

Directly right of the main entrance is a camera in the corner which you’ll need to hack to continue.

Gray Zone Warfare Hacker Camera 2
This building is filled to the brim with enemies, make sure to clear the area first!

Camera 3

The next camera to hack is in the northern checkpoint as shown below. Same thing as the previous checkpoint, use the main road as a reference when going there.

Gray Zone Warfare Northern Checkpoint
You can hack these cameras in any order.

The checkpoint building is connected to the perimeter wall the camera is in front of it where the main road is. Walk up to it and then hack it to continue!

Gray Zone Warfare Hacker Camera 3
Make sure to clear the enemies around the place!

Camera 4

The last building we’ll need to go to is the control tower to the southwest. It’s directly above of the “Fort Narith” text on the map as shown below. This area is also filled with guards so don’t get shot!

Gray Zone Warfare Fort Narith Control Tower
We’ll need to get deeper into the fort!

Go to the side of the building that is facing the airstrip. There, you’ll find another camera as shown below, this is the last one for the quest!

Gray Zone Warfare Hacker Camera 4
The last camera for the quest!

Once you’ve hacked all 4 of the cameras, you’ll then need to extract and complete the quest! That’s how you can complete the Hacker quest in Gray Zone Warfare. Now, go out there and try to complete it yourself! There is another quest that you can do in this area, check out our Fort Narith Stroll Quest for more information!


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