Gray Zone Warfare: Fort Narith Stroll Quest Guide | Mithras

Time for a little recon duty…

Gray Zone Warfare: Fort Narith Stroll Quest Guide | Mithras

Fort Narith is one of the main headquarters for hostiles in Gray Zone Warfare, and it’s your duty as a Mithras faction member to check it out for the Fort Narith Stroll quest.

You don’t have to do much, truth be told; just check the main gates. But well, surveying the area and gathering intel is always key when preparing for a battle!

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all the gates leading to Fort Narith to complete your mission.

Fort Narith Stroll | Mithras Faction Quest Guide

Gray Zone Warfare: Fort Narith Stroll Quest Guide | Mithras

For the Fort Narith stroll quest, you simply need to check all four main entrances to Fort Narith.

This fort is close to the Pha Lang Airfield area, so it’s a good idea to take on other quests there while you’re at it. For example, Manifest Destiny is a good one to tackle at this point!

Anyway, you simply need to check the entrances. That means you don’t need to head inside Fort Narith itself, making this a relatively low-risk quest.

Nonetheless, you might randomly find hostiles patrolling around the gates, so don’t come completely unprepared!

Example of a gate

The gates themselves are all very easy to spot. They’re all long black gates which contrast heavily with the fort’s white walls. Additionally, they’re all connected to roads!

Now, let’s start checking the gates out.

Checking All Fort Narith Gates

Barracks Entrance

Following the in-game order, we’ll first check the barracks entrance.

Barracks Entrance map

Head over to Y: 131, X: 142 but be well prepared before heading to this one. Since it’s close to the barracks, most hostiles in the area are close.

Main Entrance

Next up, let’s go over to the main entrance.

Main Entrance map

You can find this one at Y: 130, X: 144. This is the most notable one since it has a security booth. Usually, there’s at least one hostile on patrol here.

Fuel Supply entrance

For the third gate, it’s time to get a move on over to the fuel supply entrance.

Fuel Supply entrance map

Its coordinates are Y: 127, X: 146 and it’s right at the end of the paved road heading to the airfield.

Airfield Back Entrance

The final gate to check is the Airfield Back Entrance, which you can see on the map above.

Airfield Back Entrance map

The coordinates for this one are Y: 127, X: 140.

With all the gates checked out, the quest is completed! Turn it in to Handshake to get the following rewards:

  • Recon Vest x2
  • 4,600 USD
  • 200 Experience
  • 200 Reputation with Handshake

With your task done, it might be a good idea to check out other quests near Fort Narith. For example, the New Neighbors quest takes place in the YBL-1 bunker near the fort! Also, we have an awesome complete guide for All Mithras Tasks & Locations in Gray Zone Warfare, make sure to check it out!


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