Gray Zone Warfare: Invaders From Afar Quest Guide | Mithras

A task with more than one step? Now that’s a rare sight for this game.

In Gray Zone Warfare, there are a handful of vendors that will give you various tasks with all kinds of rewards, and as a mercenary, getting paid is all you really care about. Invaders From Afar hammers in the fact by having Artisan call you out for it, but she will enlist your services to investigate a far bigger threat to her country. Here is a quick guide on how to complete this task!

Invaders From Afar Quest Guide | Mithras

Before we begin, it should be noted that this guide is specifically labeled for the Mithras Security Systems faction, but the steps will be the exact same for the other two groups. The only difference here is that MithrasHQ is much closer to the objective, giving them the more convenient route.

For the first part of this quest, you have to find intel within the sawmill. The specific coordinates you have to travel to (around 140x, 144y) will be highlighted in the map image below.

Gray Zone Warfare map with the task objective highlighted

Inside the office building in these coordinates will be a document labeled “Medic’s Notes” on top of a well-lit desk (you can’t miss it). After taking it, your next objective will be to figure out what happened at the sawmill.

To do this, all you have to do is run around inside the “Warehouse” part of the sawmill until the task updates. Typically,this will update when you approach the medical equipment and makeshift operating table inside the building.

Gray Zone Warfare player approaching the makeshift operating table

Once the task is finished, you just have to extract at your nearest landing zone, which will either be Echo 1 up northwest or Echo 2 down south.

Watch out for hostile players and enemy AI roaming the area, especially the boss that might be alive while you’re here. You have to survive with the Medic’s Notes as you must hand that over to Artisan back at base.

Upon turning in the quest, you will be rewarded with an AKMN, as well as some Artisan reputation and experience. If you still have other tasks in or around the sawmill at this point, feel free to do them before leaving the area.

And that is everything you need to know in order to complete this quest for Artisan. While you are here, check out our guide on all of the other tasks in Gray Zone Warfare as well to see what else you can do after this specific quest!


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