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Time to shoot down an entire village for some notes.

As part of the Gray Zone Warfare experience, you’ll be given a whole list of tasks and quests that you’ll need to complete for rewards. They’re available in most maps of the game, which includes the large Mithras map. If you plan on doing all the quests here, you’ll find yourself going all around the map.

With that said, we’ll be looking at how you can complete a specific quest in Gray Zone Warfare. This is the Lamang Connection Quest that has posed some problems for players in the game. So, in this guide, we’ll be showing you how to complete the objectives. Let’s get into it.

Lamang Connection Task Guide

When you’re in the Mithras map of Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll see that there are many quests you’ll need to go through for progression. We understand how daunting this can be and how annoying keeping track of all of them are. So, our list of Mithras Quests Guide will show you how you can get through all of them.

With that out of the way, we’ll be getting at the main task at hand. Here are the steps that you’ll need to follow so that you can complete the Lamang Connection Task in Gray Zone Warfare:

  1. Go to the Ban Pa area on the Mithras map
  2. Acquire the Ban Pa Fishing Hut (BP Hut) Key
  3. Unlock the locked Fishing Hut door next to the Elder’s House
  4. Pick up the Organisation Notes from the table to complete the quest.

Lamang Connection Task Location

The first thing on the agenda for the Lamang Connection Task is actually going to the correct location in Gray Zone Warfare. So, open up your map and look for the Ban Pa label towards the Eastern Coast.

That’s where you’ll be heading for this task.

Ban Pa on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

We recommend that you head to the India 1 LZ for the Lamang Connection Task as it’ll allow you to enter Ban Pa from the North. But it is up to you where you enter this area from.

The exact coordinates of the area on the Mithras map that you are heading towards are: 137 Longitude, 206 Latitude.

Ban Pa zoomed in in Gray Zone Warfare.

Acquire Ban Pa Fishing Hut Key (BP Hut Key)

Now that you know where the task location is, head to this area in Gray Zone Warfare. However, keep in mind that Ban Pa is occupied by many AI enemies. So, we recommend that you take out as many as you can.

You’ll actually need to kill these AI enemies anyway if you want to get your hands on the Ban Pa Fishing Hut Key. The BP Hut Key will spawn as a random drop on dead enemies. So you’ll need to search through pockets until you get your hands on it.

Keep in mind that the BP Hut Key will only spawn on dead enemies in Ban Pa. Eventually, you’ll be able to get the key once you go through enough of them for the Lamang Connection Task.

If you still continue to have trouble getting keys in Gray Zone Warfare, check out our How To Get Keys guide.

Ban Pa Fishing Hut Key (BP Key) in Gray Zone Warfare.

Unlock Ban Pa Fishing Hut Door

Now that you have the BP Hut Key for the Lamang Connection Task, you’ll need to find the Fishing Hut. The Ban Pa Fishing Hut in Gray Zone Warfare is right next to the Elder’s House.

If you actually zoom into the Ban Pa area when you’re in the Mithras map, you’ll see the label for the Elder’s House. It is a large building in the middle of the Ban Pa area.

Elder's House in Gray Zone Warfare.

Look next to the Elder’s House and you’ll see a hut with an Eye symbol on it. This is the Ban Pa Fishing Hut with the locked door.

Ban Pa Fishing Hut in Gray Zone Warfare.

Go to the front door of this Ban Pa Fishing Hut and interact with the lock. You’ll see an option to open the door with the BP Hut Key. Select this option and Ban Pa Fishing Hut is open for you to survey.

Unlocking BP Hut in Gray Zone Warfare.

Pick Up Organisation Notes

Now that you’re in the Ban Pa Fishing Hut, you’re almost done with the Lamang Connection Quest. Simply explore the small room inside and you should be able to find the Organisation Notes document on one of the tables, shown below.

Simply select the Take option for this document and you’ll have completed the main objective of the Lamang Connection Quest. Now all you need to do is turn in the Task and you’re done!

Taking Organisation Notes in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Lamang Connection Task on the Mithras map in Gray Zone Warfare. Now that you’re done with this task, you can move forward with another one that’ll have you retrieving some documents. We recommend checking out the Uncanny Files Task guide so you can also get this one checked off!


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