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Finally, a mission that only needs a trigger finger!

In the intense open world of Gray Zone Warfare, players work together to strategize and survive on the realistic Lamang Island. While still in Early Access, the game features quests that players can do to proceed in the game. The Medical Detective quest has been one of the most difficult quests in the game so far, so to make your life easier, I’m here to give you a complete Medical Detective quest guide.

Complete Medical Detective Quest Guide | Mithras

This early-game quest is given to you by Gunny, who asks you to collect evidence from the medical office in town. The problem is you need a key to get in and things are never simple. Depending on the faction you choose at the start of the game, the name of the town and the key will differ, but the method stays the same: kill people in town and find the key.

I’ll discuss this in more detail below.

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Medical Office Key Location

AI enemies will be found all around the town. No specific marker indicates which enemy will have the key, so the only way to approach this is by going in guns blazing.

Kill all the enemies you can and loot their bodies until you find the key. Once you’ve collected the key, head to the Doctor’s office

Entering The Medical Office

Depending on the town, the Medical Office will differ in location. They all look the same, though, as indicated by the large green billboard above the entrance. These offices are single-story buildings with two main doors.

Here are the coordinates per faction if you’re having a difficult time:

  • Lamang Recovery Initiative – 205, 163
  • Mithras Security Systems – 169, 116
  • Crimson Shield International – 141, 166

Entering the Medical Office unlocks the next task you have to do for Gunny. This involves collecting the evidence. This appears as a file folder on the office desk – pick it up and return it to Gunny to finish the quest. Keep this in your secure container so that if you die, you don’t have to redo the mission to get the documents back. 

And that’s everything in this Medical Detective quest guide! Not all quests can be completed with pure firepower, like the Tools Of The Trade quest, which requires more finesse. Check out our guide on how to complete it!


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