Gray Zone Warfare: Fresh Meat III Task Guide

Find out what happened to the tourists and give them the justice they deserve.

Fresh Meat III is the last mission of the Fresh Meat quest line in Gray Zone Warfare. In this mission, you have to uncover what’s been happening to the tourists at Blue Lagoon and get any intel that could lead you closer to the truth. This mission is pretty short, so I’ll keep this guide concise. Here’s how to do the Fresh Meat III tasks.

How To Do Fresh Meat III Tasks

There’s only one main task for this mission: Explore the roads leading from the Blue Lagoon and try to retrieve any pertinent intel. I’ll talk about this in more detail below.

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Travel To The Blue Lagoon 

To get to the Blue Lagoon, head to the extreme southeast side of the map area at 205, 119 (pictured below). It’s best to approach this area from KILO2 to avoid enemies and other obstacles in the way.

Head to the path from Blue Lagoon.

From here, you will see a dead body on the road. Investigate it and you will find a List of Names so pick it up and head back to Banshee to complete the task.

Take the list from the dead body.

At the debriefing, you will discover that the tourists were taken to Midnight Sapphire Resort. While you can’t rescue them anymore, this information may be useful to prevent this from happening again.

And that’s it on how to do the Fresh Meat III tasks. It’s a short mission but it rewards 1x M4A1, 1000 Experience, and 150 Reputation, so take advantage of this easy mission to get the most experience as possible. 

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