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Just like the tragic tale of Icarus.

Gray Zone Warfare provides you with a range of opportunities to play the role of a soldier. You get assigned quite a few tasks and missions that you must fulfill for rewards. During your journey, you’ll come across many such missions on the Mithras map.

There are two particular quests on the Mithras map that you can choose between in Gray Zone Warfare. This is the What Comes Up and Too Close To The Sun quest. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can fulfill them, including where the choice comes up. Let’s dive in.

What Comes Up & Too Close To The Sun Quest Guide

If you play the Mithras map, you’ll find a range of quests that you can complete. It is likely you’ll be wanting to tick all of them off. We recommend checking out our The Most Dangerous Game Quest guide to get you closer to that goal.

With that said, we’ll be showing you all the steps that you need to follow to complete the What Comes Up and Too Close To The Sun Quest. They are the following:

  1. Locate the crashed plane south east of the Pha Lang Airfield
  2. Pick up the flight recorder from the crashed plane
  3. Turn the flight recorder into either Lab Rat or Handshake.

NOTE: The steps for each of these missions are the same until the end. When you’re turning in the quest, you’ll have to choose which quest you want to complete depending on the NPC that you turn it in at. You cannot complete both of them unfortunately!

Crashed Plane Location

The first thing you’ll need to do for both of these quests is to locate the crashed plane. You can find the crashed plane by going south east of the Pha Lang Airfield of the Mithras map.

Crashed Plane location in Gray Zone Warfare.

There will be a small clearing in the large forest of this area. You will be able to find the crashed airplane there.

The exact coordinates of the crashed plane area are the following: (192, 152).

Crashed plane location zoomed in Gray Zone Warfare.

Pick Up Flight Recorder

Once you go to the location on the Mithras map, you should be able to find a crashed plane there. Below is an image that shows what kind of plane you are looking for. It’ll be hard to miss if you go to the coordinates mentioned above!

Crashed Plane in Gray Zone Warfare.

Approach the crashed plane and look at the tail end of the broken plane. You should be able to see a flight recorder in the compartment. Go up to the flight recorder and you will see the option to Take the Flight Recorder.

Select this option and you’ll have completed the main objective of both What Comes Up and Too Close To The Sun. However, the mission is not over, as you’ll have to choose the NPC that you turn it in at.

Taking flight recorder in Gray Zone Warfare.

Turning In Quests

Now that you’ve gotten the flight recorder, it is time to turn in your quests. Here is the breakdown for which quest requires which NPC to turn it in:

  • Turn it to Lab Rat to complete the Too Close To The Sun quest.
  • Turn it to Handshake for the What Comes Up quest.

You can only pick one of them. We recommend that you select the NPC that gives you the best rewards. You can check out the rewards by looking at the description of each quest in your log.

With that said, once you turn it in, you’ll have completed the quest!

Too Close To The Sun Quest Rewards in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about the What Comes Up and Too Close To The Sun quest. An interesting quest that actually forces you to make a choice. However, if you’re looking to complete the Mithras map, the journey isn’t over. While you’re here, check out our guide on all of the tasks in Gray Zone Warfare, which is mainly made with Mithras players in mind, but still very helpful for any other faction!


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