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Halo Infinite: Outpost Tremonius All Collectibles Locations

Find All Outpost Tremonius Collectibles Locations

Here we will make a list of all the collectibles that you can find in Outpost Tremonius. Here we will have the Spartan Cores as well as other collectibles with the exact locations.

Outpost Tremonius All Collectibles Locations Halo Infinite

Let’s first start with the Spartan Core locations

  1. So you can find the first Spartan Core in Halo Infinity in front of you. As soon as you get out of the elevator you will see it right in front of you.
  1. Immediately after exiting the ship, turn right and hold on to the right side of the boat. Next to the debris from the boat and the dead tree you will see the yellow crate or the second Spartan core. It’s pretty simple to find
  1. To find the last core you will need to return to the exit of the ship. The barracks are located on the left side of the camp in a small cargo compartment for weapons. To get here you will have to fight with opponents who will be in your way. Here you will find the last Spartan core.

Just to mention that Spartan cores are found in metal boxes or containers, they are fairly easily noticeable.

These are all three locations of the Spartan core. Follow the right path and you will find them easily.

  1. Where you can find the Banished Audio Log. Well it is located near the third Spartan Core below the landing pad. It is closer to the main base but still on the outside, it can be found amongst large crates.
  1. Just next to the landing pad at Outpost Tremonius the Mjolnir Armor Locker. This is pretty easy to find.

So that’s all the locations all collectibles locations in Outpost Tremonius.

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