Icarus: Can You Reset Talent Points?

Can you reset your skills later on?

Leveling up in Icarus can give you Talent Points. There are various skills and talents that you can get to help with survival in the alien wilderness. However, if you want to change the skills you chose, later on, you may want to reset your Talent Points.

Can You Reset Talent Points?

If you are on a higher level and you want to change your set of skills, you may be wondering if you can reset your Talent points and choose a different set of skills. Unfortunately, you cannot reset your talent points after you already used them up, so be sure to plan out your skills beforehand. 

What are Talent Points?

When your character levels up, it gains 1 Talent Point. After 10 levels, you get an additional 5 Talent points. There are a limited number of Talent Points you can gain but you can invest them in skills that can make your character stronger. 

Aside from increasing the Stamina or Damage capacity during combat, you can also use these Talent Points to increase the yield of your harvest or mining skills. If you invest multiple talent points in one skill, it can improve its effectiveness. 

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