Icarus: Fix Black Map | Map Not Updating

Get your Map working!

Icarus is now fully released and the map can be immersive with a lot of resources to take and explore. However, players are experiencing some errors and bugs in the game. If your map is not loading, you may want to try the fixes below. 

Black Map Error

The Black Map Error seems to be a common occurrence for players on both the online and offline game modes. The Icons on the map will still be visible but there is nothing else visible on the screen, preventing your map from loading. 

How to Fix the Black Map Error

The map can take a long time to load, and you may need to wait for the map to update for a few seconds before it starts working again. Fiddling with the map settings can get the map to update faster.

If that does not work, you can also try closing and opening the map again. The bug can be a common occurrence, so be sure to report the bug to the developers. You can also report the issue you are getting and upload the screenshots to the community page of the game.

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