Icarus: How To Level Up Fast

Level up fast in the early game!

There are multiple benefits to leveling up in Icarus. You can get Talent points when you level up and investing them in different skills can aid in your survival in the game. This guide will show you the different ways you can level up your character in Icarus.

Defeating Wolves

One of the best ways to level up, especially in the early game is to kill wolves. Hitting them in the head can make them easier to kill. They are one of the low-level mobs in the game, and you get a lot of experience from defeating them.

You should also skin them because this gives you an additional 750 experience. Holding the pick-up button and walking around can also give you a lot of experience in the early game so try picking up anything that you can see in the area. 

Craft an Item

Another great way to level up fast passively is to craft Items. Items like Bandages are easy to craft and you can get 80 Experience every time you craft an item. You can continue crafting an item while moving around and you can throw away any extra item that you do not want afterward.

You can also cut down trees around a forest area to get your character to level up fast. Chopping a tree down will give you 300 Experience and you do not need to collect the wood to get the Experience. 

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