Icarus: How To Get Money FAST | Get Currency

Make money quickly in Icarus!

There are multiple currencies in Icarus and getting money can give you different pieces of equipment in the game. These pieces of equipment can help you in the early game and increase your chances of survival. 

How to Prepare for the Mission

Before you begin, you need to complete the first tutorial mission which is the Beachhead Recon as well as the second mission, which is the Livewire: Terrain Scan. You also need to get your character to Level 13 if you want to follow an optimized build for the mission. 

For the character build, you can put your points on the following skills:

  • 3 Swift Survivor
  • 3 Chase ‘Em Down
  • 3 Bow Agility
  • 2 Marathon Runner
  • 2 Lightning Recovery
  • 2 Fleet Footed

However, you do not need to create a character specifically for this mission, you can do the mission with any skillset that you want. 

Strange Harvest: Bio-Research

After preparing, launch the Strange Harvest: Bio-Research mission. After dropping, place a marker on the first circler on the map. Start picking up all the shrubs and stones that you see along the way. 

Go south to the mountainside to get more stones. Craft a stone knife, bow, bandage, and 20 or more stone arrows while going to your waypoint. Be sure to drop any excess material after crafting everything to make yourself as light as possible. 

Equip your bow and keep your eyes out for bears. If a bear attacks you, do not panic and evade when they start charging at you, shoot them in the head after they charge at you. 

Go to the waypoint until you reach the lake and pick up the flower on the ground and quickly leave to avoid the poison debuff. 

Afterward, place your marker on the second circle and stick to your left until you get to the second flower. 

Place your marker on the third and new circle. You can also stay on the left side of the lake to get to the area faster. 

When you get to the circle, go to the mountainside and you will see the third flower for the mission. The third area is near your spawn point so mark your pod and make your way to the pod. 

Extract and you will get 100 currency. You can use your Currency in the workshop and get unique equipment for your character. 

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